Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm voting Flor u, JP

I'm dreaming of JP...Floru for Europe

Phwoar, Belgium's got Talent! He may be fourth on our candidature list but this high flying hot chocolate Belgique tops TTG's own. For his policies of course, not that this mild-mannered politico-lovely hailing from Belgium with a love affair with Britain, is fit or anything.

Ladies, he's worth a vote. His mind is as beautiful as him. So if you've got a vote to spare, why not spare a thought for this dreamy MEP-to-be and cross his box.

Vote JP Floru to break down bureaucracy and for a fitter EU guaranteed.

Find out just why he's fine for Europe by clicking here

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The choice for Londoners has never been clearer - Vote Tory

WOW ... well TTG is just gonna have to vote Labour after seeing THAT Euro leaflet.

A kitten could design a better leaflet than this trash that the postman lovingly threw back into my house. It's lazy, clumsy and alarmingly too similar to the one the BNP has settled for. Seriously, it's a matter of spot the difference. Pretty damaging indeed.

Besides, hijacking Jack is not cool. Considering Labour don't even entertain hanging the flag up high in the sky on our public buildings at all, it's a bit of a cheek to play the patriotic card. The BNP tried that and look where that's got them.

And then there's the content, including some child like instructions for voters on how to vote because obviously they don't know how to. Funny that, when at the last three elections, voters have managed to do the monkey of a task of crossing a box next to your slimeball names.

But here's a guide on how to vote, just in case you don't know. How very helpful

*Polling day is Thursday 4 June - it's a bit obvious when it's scrawled all over the leaflet, don't really need to point it out again

*Vote once (x) in one blank box - no shit Sherlock, do we put a thousand ticks instead? What do you take us for, idiots? Well the public did vote Blair in 3 consecutive times ... granted.
Place one cross in the box next to Labour

And their chosen slogan - 'winning the fight for Britain's future', well it puts the lie into libel. Which fight was this? Because they're not winning the poll wars, nor the public's respect, nor that of Parliaments, nor of their constituents and nor of the world.

So which fight then, eh, Labour?

But even Labour aren't sure... as just a para down, they say 'Labour is working to win the fight for Britain's future.'

The whole tone and style of the leaflet sums up the party, wasteful, crap, ineffective, confused and patronising.

The font varies in sizes and the leaflet is emblazoned in red, Lib Dem's choice colour and the Conservative's royal blue. Is that to represent the many parts of a party which has borrowed as much in policies as it has in cash?

And there's not a person in sight. Are you that ashamed of your connections to the party to not have your mugshot on the paper? Is chief and master Gordon Bruiser Brown such a turn-off that you worry that his inclusion may lose the voters? Even the bloody BNP have got Griffin on theirs, possibly the more despised and disliked out of the two dishonourable men.

Labour, your leaflet is embarassing and it's not fit to even enter Britain's letterboxes.

But TTG won't resort to ripping it up - the paper's too good for that. Instead, TTG plans to return to sender, and you can too, here

Ken Clark,
39 Victoria Street,

To quote Labour's Euro disaster, the choice for Londoners has never been clearer,

vote Tory

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cameron, we're still free, take a chance on juniority

Cameron has cracked open the candidates list to let non-Tories have a sip of political power.

But is it really such a good idea inviting extra-Conserves into the compound when the talent which our dear chief so desires, is sitting right at his feet?

Here TTG puts it straight: Cameron, we need yoof, not crusty ole upper crusties!

Our party for years has thrived down to the valiant efforts of activists, of the grassroots who have laboured for the Conservative cause, through wind, rain, snow and sleet.

Having doors slammed in their faces, to virile abuse and tearing up of leaflets, yet their hopes have not been torn and nor have they been defeated.

Parties have never appreciated enough the work these backboned principled youngsters have done for their respective organisations. TTG is lucky enough to know many of these in the Tories.

And it is for this alone that today, she calls for Cameron to not open the candidates list for outsiders, but for the young activists, who will breath life into our party.

We have mums represented, we have dads represented, we have ethnic minorities represented, we have the elderly (we have plenty of these ;) ), we have the disabled represented ... but the youth? Not a chance.

Cameron, we need young blood. And with you evidently having a problem with enough candidates, why not take a chance on a young one?

The perks of a young berk

*Enthusiasm - this is a quality lost by our older MPs
*Energy - when do you see MPs huffing and puffing up an estate to deliver leaflets?
*Innocence - No sex scandals to ensue, eh?
*Understanding of fellow yoof - policies that can really cater for their interests
*A young perspective

The opening of the candidates' list would only suit to attracting celebs, or other ambitious middle-aged men and women and they do not have the party's best interests at heart. While we all need an overhaul of our internal politics, loyalty is a quality that cannot be bought or achieved by this. Young activists come with this already at the heart of their very being.

How can we cater for the young if we don't have any on board? 40 year old men, while young in politics, can't really enter a club to sort an issue for apparent noise pollution etc, or understand the needs of a young community if not on their level already?

They know what's hip, cool. They can aid with policies for underage sex/pregnancies/gangs and how to really get to the bottom of these issues better than some stuffy 50 year old in an office.

We always hear of excuses why the young can't possibly stand in a parliamentary seat. They've not lived their lives, they're single, they have no formidable career, they're too young etc.

But the very business of politics is not one which can be learnt on a degree or in 3years in marketing. It's a learn-on-the-job kind of work. There is no set of qualifications and no age boundary.

And they don't need £100k a year to know how to poke.

Cameron, we're still free, take a chance on juniority.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Here's one TTG made earlier, badly

Horrific video evidence of TTG making a tit of herself on camera and Webcameron two years earlier has emerged.

NB: The following footage is not suitable for anyone with wit, taste and decency. Viewers are warned that the following is offensive to both eyes and ears.

Or alternatively click here

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Soft Cell speak up about Michael Martin

Phew. What a day. The House is in order as master Michael Martin speaks up and tells the world he is going to Glas-go and stand down as speaker.

A small cross-party motion of 20-odd cross MPs calling for the axe to wield on his head and for it to promptly roll from his speaker's chair across the Common floor seemed to be the last straw for Martin as he did the Honourable thing and had his last word.

Best thing since sliced bread. But did this Scotch egg of a speaker, the first to resign/get the push in over 300 years, know that 80s band Soft Cell wrote a little song for him back at the peak of their fame?

'Martin' is quite fitting for our disgraced don. ;-)

He's not speaking anymore, right guys? Roll on Frank Field or our resident minger, Menzies.

Monday, May 18, 2009

K to pay 800 grand for Hamza's bill?

Cunt cleric Abu, the preacher who breaches messages of love and peace in Britain, is struggling to come up for the dough for his massive legal bill that he's run up.

The jail-hate Abu who finally got his rightful place in prison back in 2006, has had a shopping spree and spent a whopping £800k trying to fight a move to the US. Our cushty cells are to die for apparently.

But it seems we are going to have to pay for the privilege to keep the nutter behind bars as we are expected to once more fit the bill for the undeserved and fork it over as he can't seem to reach the bar needed.

Whether or not a back-hooker was taken, the fact remains that even now we are reaching out to help shits, the biggest scum as they come, who desire solely to fight against the right to be free from anger, hate and incitement.

We must seek and pull out these vicious roots. Taking the stem or leader of one association is not enough. Each person linked to such associations which call for culls of life based on belief or colour or creed should be jailed for life.

On this one occasion, justice was brought which is a very rare occurence in this days and times under Labour's Not-so-Great Britain. With hope, this man and others like him will ne'er see the light of day again nor step out into the UK streets.

If it's going to cost £800k to keep this creep firmly behind bars where he can not snuff out a generation with his words, then it's a price we must pay.

A heavy price for freedom, but freedom nonetheless.

It is probably the best money we have ever spent under Labour in any case...

Oh and P.S.

Gordon, darling, can we forward that election meeting to this autumn?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are EU crazy? 7 reasons why you should stick to the Tories and not pick UKIP

Why you should vote the Tories:

Dan Hannan

Need I say more? His finest hour shouting down Westminister's Chesire cat was a classic and one for the Record books. He's also a fine, formidable MEP for the South East. And he's pretty fit for the job.

We are the real deal, we don't need cross-party deals

Democracy is not a pawnstore where you can trade in votes for ones we think are more popular/useful. It is a serious business and one that should not be taken lightly. We don't deal in votes. That is not Conservative currency. Do we wish to enter into the murky LibLab political waters with their swap shop of votes and tactics? We neither need or wish to align ourselves with a party who hoped to "kill us off" in 2004. If political joke Robert Kilroy Silk can call the party a joke, then it says it all really.

In with the new

It's simply not cool to follow Tebbit. Our dear Lord and former right hand man of Maggie is simply not right on this issue. The last thing we should be doing is telling our own core support to er, not vote for us. Can you imagine if Tory leaners and voters followed his advice? Do we really want to risk an exodus of the vote by abstaining or swapping our votes? It's time to say ta ta to Tebbit, how ever much it pains TTG to say it.

Instead of looking back at past glories and our past great leading men and women in the party, we should be nurturing those we have now. Cameron, Osborne, Fox ... all doing a fantastic job yet instead we rely on our golden oldie movers. How can we progress if we don't look forward and don't train up our upcoming and new stars? Like in footy, stars can get too old, too tired for the game. Tebbit is one of these.

The Party changed for a reason and whether us tradtionals like it, we must in turn change our perspectives.

Top of our game

We are at 30 per cent for crying out loud. Why do we need to hang out with the new kids on the block, UKIP, when we have over 10 per cent lead over them? If we all suddenly turned around and handed our ballots to Nigel Farage, we could lose all our influence. Also has any of the politicos in the party considered the damage and blow to our credibility if revealed in public?
TORIES VOTE FOR UKIP IN EUROPE ... if we can't , as supporters, even vote for our own party, how can we expect others to cast their votes for us?

...And why you should NOT vote UKIP

So EU don't like the union, why are you there then UKIP?

Hypocrits ... let's get this right. UKIP don't like the EU and want us to get out of it. Okay, TTG's got that. But why are they so keen to get elected and go work and live in the EU? Ahem. Don't think they've thought this through. A lot of Tories aren't too keen with the union but we have realised that we're better with our foot in than out. For UKIP, there is no discussion.. it's final. They want out. Well go ahead, Nigel, get out. Perhaps concentrate on your ideal of an independent UK by offering policies for the people here while here.

Different place, same principles

You wouldn't change your voting habits would you if you moved from one end of the country to the other, would you? Why should the area matter? The principles of the Conservatives are the same across the world. The European Parliament

If you can't commit to the Conservative cause here, maybe, just maybe, the Tory party is not for you.

Big issue of lack of policies

Let's face it. UKIP is pretty much a one-issue party. Apparently, you know, they don't like ID cards either. But dismembering Britain's membership of the EU is their only claim to fame. What happens when the UKIP representant that you will have voted in, has to vote in an issue apart from identity cards, um, a very British and national concern? Their only other policy seems to be endorsing nuclear. They can talk the talk about Britain but what can they actually have to say in Europe. "We. er, don't like the EU?"

Comrades and countrymen, cross for the Conservatives and no other this June 4.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We wouldn't tip a bad waiter, so why do we reward MPs for not doing their jobs?

There was a time when expenses covered your train fare and a cheap supermarket sandwich. And it's still the case for budding MPs and politicos who take up internships with our resident fat cats. While our MPs squander and POOL in as much as their OIL-y claws can grasp yet as according to rules, their younger, prettier counterparts who work for no salary can barely get precious pennies for their measly meals.

The expense system is a CROCK. A joke, a whole on our country's fine finances and one at the public's expense. We are told that MPs need second homes for their constituency and one in London for the very few visits they make per annum.

And us mugs, a fair, decent bunch, don't bat an eyelid as the claims spiral out of control, to fix a leaky pipe, for a sneaky Mars Bars, a few pieces of furniture here and there for each of their five stately homes, to tune a piano, to rid of a moat, to fix their garden, a supermarket sweep for a classy chandelier to show off to constituents, a glittery toilet, and even the taxes they impose on les miserables reels-the public.

TTG wonders, are the LIGHTS on and no one at home? How can our Parliamentarians really see lightbulbs or manure as a fair use of expenses? Can they not pay for these themselves? Are they so irresponsible with their £60k + dough salary that they can't even find 45p for a chocolate bar or 88p for a bath plug?

For while we strive to live, paying out of our own pocket for our bills, for our travel expenses, for our food, for our homes, we at the same time are paying for these irresponsible Kevin-like teenagers to sponge off us.

No better than a benefit fraudster, our MPs who claim to cut down on social scroungers, are merely just adding their own names to the list of those with whom need to be dealt. MPs have a duty to STAMP out waste and corruption. They should be the solution and not the problem. How on earth can we get resuscitate Britain if we can't first lodge out the deprivation and disease that's choking her?

Our country may be going down the TOILET with Gordon Brown and his BASKET case tweedle-dee/tweedle-dum chums at the helm, but there is no excuse for our representants to go for a free-for-all. We are not on our last legs yet!

Like a tip in a restaurant , why should we pay a service charge for a rude waitress/waiter who isn't doing their job properly, who is pissing in the food or turning up late either without the goods, or the food disappointedly cold?

We wouldn't tip a waiter like that so why do we reward MPs for ripping us off or for doing a pretty lousy job?

Enough is enough. We must cut the fat and waste of the parliament. We must hold them to account and let them know that we will not take this any longer. Each and every MP who has taken the piss with their claims MUST pay it back, apologise, step down if necessary.

The Conservatives can recover from this provided they take the steps to eradicate this gross misuse of our funds.

Remember, dear MPs, you're in the DOGHOUSE and don't make a single move out of place or we may just bear our teeth.

The Lord may giveth, but the public will taketh away!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

On your marks, get jet, go David!

Demoted Dave in-the-millions-band isn't flying high with the electorate right now if his transport means are anything to go by. The jetsetting blunderer Foreign Sec has been taking a back seat in politics but it's not the case when it comes to his travel arrangemenrts.

Despite their plans to ban private planes and Blair Force One mimics, it seems flighty Miliband just couldn't give up his plane basic rights. David's private plane to fly the flag for the UK costs a whopping £8k an hour and will be ready for lift-off 24/7 for the next two years.

But why possibly would he need one for the 365 days? Like the rest of his fellow MPs, their working year or quarter hardly lasts longer than a month. And Dave hardly puts the work in 'working for you'. Apparently he went on 20 state visits last year. Not a lot for his line of work.

Well TTG is sure he has gone back to school, now that the half term holiday is over.

Seems hardly worth hiring anything. He might as well, in this credit crunch climate, say what he has to say in the safety of his office. It's green too. Keeps to your little eco promise doesn't it?

And a two year contract? They're pretty optimistic aren't they? TTG can't see him nor his crock of a party lasting much longer.

Still, a trip to California on a budget plane might give him a chance to meet the people he's meant to represent and see how shoddy our services really are. Surely not, after all Labour MPs seem to be above their station and think they are are of much more self worth than the voters.

But despire all this, TTG would be happy to pay for him to buzz off abroad more often and hell, TTG would even pay and book a one-wayy ticket to Timbuktu if it gets rid of the useless swine once and for all.