Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Europhilication - Britain's New Plague

A new and disturbing epidemic, after months of flood, and culled cows, has hit Britain’s streets - that of Europhilia.

So deadly, this condition works its way through the human body, destroying sanity, pride and brain cells as it fulfils its aim to penetrate thought to one that is frankly euro leaning.

Experts do not know yet what causes everyday citizens to break out into pro-European discourse but the public are urged to stay in their homes, avoid radical literature such as the Guardian and Independent and steer clear from the infected.

The Department of Health have released the following document on how to spot an Europhiliac.
The public are asked to identify a potential sufferer from a safe distance.

Symptoms do not have to appear all at once.

Tell-tale signs of this worrying trend:

1) Pro Euro merchandise -A factory in Aldridge, England, started mass production of potential propaganda of Europhilia with their line of Euro play money sets suggesting “ This is the easy way to teach your child counting, how to make change.” Unnecessary when Britain’s currency is the pound sterling or is this an early warning that the Euro is to be adopted?

The Bank of England revealed a new design of £20 notes in 2007 that suspiciously look a little like the European 500 Euro notes.Clothes and shoes are often are marked by European size.Predictive text on the BlackBerry phone puts the euro sign before the pound

2) Health and Safety Regulations-A report revealed that UK workers get less paid leave under EU directives - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6943667.stm

CBI, attacked the Conservative Party for their aim to scrap controversial EU directives that could hit families and small businesses http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtml?xml=/money/2007/08/18/cncbi118.xml

Airlines in UK have seen a 22 per cent rise in refund claims after the EU ruled it mandatory that customers could demand compensation for delayed or cancelled flights. http://news.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1158322007

3) Acceptance of Euro in UK store chains

4) Rejection of a referendum on Europe Despite 4/5 of the public wanting a referendum, the state have rejected calls for one. http://www.eux.tv/article.aspx?articleId=12978

5) A pro-European stance/ UK Shirley Valentines who find love overseas

Most politicians

Sources close to the EuroSkep party told Francesca Preece that the epidemic is likely to have a “lasting impact and if not dealt with correctly, can have twice as much irreversible damage since the horrific signing of the European Union Treaty."

That is today’s main headline. We will back with the latest on this new mental health scare when our reporter returns, hopefully unscathed.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Brown Walks On Water - Daily Mail Exclusive

WARNING: Adversaries of Broon are urged to shield their eyes from this nauseatingly vile script printed in Wednesday, August 15th's Mail, page 12

What you are about to see is not faked, but the exact words that I, as a sworn troublemaker, decided to send to the Daily Mail after they produced this comment that screams of "love affair" and has the potential to envomit even mild Tories

"Hyperactive Downing Street is these days truly a wonder to behold. Floods? Brown's your man. Foot-and-mouth? He's in charge. Terrorist attack? There he is again. As for his summer holiday, isn't four hours quite enough?Then the piece de resistance. Miraculously, he managed to keep nearly £40billion in his back pocket while he was Chancellor - money that now allows him to display Prime Ministerial munificence with a huge spending splurge.All this in just seven weeks. How long before he starts walking on water? "

Please pardon me while I recycle my breakfast.

Sorry to burst your little bubble, dear Mail, but he is PM - that's his job!

And here folks is my response:A letter to the Mail

Dear editor - just a quick query, is Gordon Brown in fact the paper's new editor?

With the amount of bias in favour of our new PM, I am pretty sure that the departure from the right to an editorial line that is frankly left-leaning, is written by Broon himself.

Maybe with this now constant Brown drivel that appears in the comment every day, you may as well rename the paper the Daily Brown or more aptly the Daily Fail.

This new experiment will cost you more than just paper sales but devoted readers who turned to the Mail, believed to be representing their interests.I have corresponded with the Mail before when you chose for your splash to have a column by the former chancellor on caring.

Printing politicians' viewpoints is not really appropriate considering that this particular man of politics was second only to Tony Blair and was deemed to be the next PM, which now has been realised.

It was worse, even still, when the Express revealed the next day that Brown was blocking moves to help support carers, who only a day before had praised and pledged his hand for these “saints.”

Yesterday's paper demonstrated the level the Mail is willing to reach to keep up in this bias. On the revelation that Brown had pocketed £40 billion of taxpayers' money for his forthcoming election campaign just before parliament closed for the summer, the Mail ran a comment praising his “hyperactive government” and how he saved 40 billion and "when will he be walking on water?"

Sorry to break your rather skewed image of Brown but this man has robbed from pensioners, taxed citizens to the hilt - and these stories come from none other than your paper in the past.

You have a responsibility as a paper, despite freedom of press, to educate and tell your readership the news of the day and ultimately the truth.

If you cannot even manage that, with your school girl like obsession with wonder boy Broon, then you should not be in the newspaper business, but in the government.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Extinct England -(A Not-So-Righter-Shade-Of-Pale)

A story that could make me spit specks of cornflake with rightful rage - Englisher refused English job because English.

But when I did indeed read that very sentence in today’s Express, I wasn’t shocked, surprised or spitting out my breakfast.

The sad thing to come of this situation was not that this intelligent girl was refused an application based on her race and heritage but because us English actually accepted it.

Like a battered senior dog, again old England rolled over, letting the PC pup mar it with its grubby paws.

Oh to be in England in 2007 when the word English is a racial slur and non-existent in our enforced Britannia.

While us English, sorry, British born are forced down our reluctant throats to respect, accept and understand irrespective of name and colour, others fail to do the same.

For the attention of 10 Downing Street, which I note is run by none other than a Scot, I am English, far from what is written in my passport.

I have had applications returned and rejected for refusing to conform to British status. Foreign friends have equally been dismissive of my identity.

The Importance of being English ?

I could reel off countless examples of English discrimination - yes folks there is indeed racism against English crackers, but firstly I reckon you would think I was off my rocker, secondly there isn’t enough space or thirdly the thought police would be sirening to send me off to Siberia.

There is also the tiny detail of that those in power aren’t exactly your typical Englishers, with their scowling Scottish dialect, and I’m pretty sure I would again come under attack for my xenophobia against our very Northern neighbours.

Without mentioning the bias favouring the Celts with better uni, democratic and health institutions, I do believe that England and her race is being forced into extinction.

I may sound like a regular in number 23 cell in the local nutter ward but why else would the English be refused to celebrate, maintain or even speak of their culture if this wasn’t the case?

For the doubting Thomas’ out there, please do try to list existing traditions in England on two hands.

The country’s greats have been shunned from school syllabuses - Winston Churchill is just one example.

The Empire’s kin bullied by socialist scumbags, not content until England’s citizens pay their pound of flesh for crimes of slavery, occupation and empire.

St George faced eviction from patron sainthood only a few years back by our Welsh Archbishop of Canterbury who viewed him as offensive to Islam.

Even now on St.George’s Day, patriots are asked to take down their drapes by do-gooder-ninnies aiming to convince the public of their warped sense of the greater good.

I am after all, as a victim of discrimination based on my race, not surprised by what goes on in this country.

What shocks me is that we foolishly, after having one of the greatest empires in the world, and fighting collectively against our enemy in Germany in two world wars, have bowed down, without a whimper or battle, to the laws of political correctness.

I pray that the dear soldiers who died it would seem in vain to save England, cannot see the result of what they fought for.

Maybe just maybe a loss against Germany may have had some good after all....