Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We wouldn't tip a bad waiter, so why do we reward MPs for not doing their jobs?

There was a time when expenses covered your train fare and a cheap supermarket sandwich. And it's still the case for budding MPs and politicos who take up internships with our resident fat cats. While our MPs squander and POOL in as much as their OIL-y claws can grasp yet as according to rules, their younger, prettier counterparts who work for no salary can barely get precious pennies for their measly meals.

The expense system is a CROCK. A joke, a whole on our country's fine finances and one at the public's expense. We are told that MPs need second homes for their constituency and one in London for the very few visits they make per annum.

And us mugs, a fair, decent bunch, don't bat an eyelid as the claims spiral out of control, to fix a leaky pipe, for a sneaky Mars Bars, a few pieces of furniture here and there for each of their five stately homes, to tune a piano, to rid of a moat, to fix their garden, a supermarket sweep for a classy chandelier to show off to constituents, a glittery toilet, and even the taxes they impose on les miserables reels-the public.

TTG wonders, are the LIGHTS on and no one at home? How can our Parliamentarians really see lightbulbs or manure as a fair use of expenses? Can they not pay for these themselves? Are they so irresponsible with their £60k + dough salary that they can't even find 45p for a chocolate bar or 88p for a bath plug?

For while we strive to live, paying out of our own pocket for our bills, for our travel expenses, for our food, for our homes, we at the same time are paying for these irresponsible Kevin-like teenagers to sponge off us.

No better than a benefit fraudster, our MPs who claim to cut down on social scroungers, are merely just adding their own names to the list of those with whom need to be dealt. MPs have a duty to STAMP out waste and corruption. They should be the solution and not the problem. How on earth can we get resuscitate Britain if we can't first lodge out the deprivation and disease that's choking her?

Our country may be going down the TOILET with Gordon Brown and his BASKET case tweedle-dee/tweedle-dum chums at the helm, but there is no excuse for our representants to go for a free-for-all. We are not on our last legs yet!

Like a tip in a restaurant , why should we pay a service charge for a rude waitress/waiter who isn't doing their job properly, who is pissing in the food or turning up late either without the goods, or the food disappointedly cold?

We wouldn't tip a waiter like that so why do we reward MPs for ripping us off or for doing a pretty lousy job?

Enough is enough. We must cut the fat and waste of the parliament. We must hold them to account and let them know that we will not take this any longer. Each and every MP who has taken the piss with their claims MUST pay it back, apologise, step down if necessary.

The Conservatives can recover from this provided they take the steps to eradicate this gross misuse of our funds.

Remember, dear MPs, you're in the DOGHOUSE and don't make a single move out of place or we may just bear our teeth.

The Lord may giveth, but the public will taketh away!

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