Monday, May 18, 2009

K to pay 800 grand for Hamza's bill?

Cunt cleric Abu, the preacher who breaches messages of love and peace in Britain, is struggling to come up for the dough for his massive legal bill that he's run up.

The jail-hate Abu who finally got his rightful place in prison back in 2006, has had a shopping spree and spent a whopping £800k trying to fight a move to the US. Our cushty cells are to die for apparently.

But it seems we are going to have to pay for the privilege to keep the nutter behind bars as we are expected to once more fit the bill for the undeserved and fork it over as he can't seem to reach the bar needed.

Whether or not a back-hooker was taken, the fact remains that even now we are reaching out to help shits, the biggest scum as they come, who desire solely to fight against the right to be free from anger, hate and incitement.

We must seek and pull out these vicious roots. Taking the stem or leader of one association is not enough. Each person linked to such associations which call for culls of life based on belief or colour or creed should be jailed for life.

On this one occasion, justice was brought which is a very rare occurence in this days and times under Labour's Not-so-Great Britain. With hope, this man and others like him will ne'er see the light of day again nor step out into the UK streets.

If it's going to cost £800k to keep this creep firmly behind bars where he can not snuff out a generation with his words, then it's a price we must pay.

A heavy price for freedom, but freedom nonetheless.

It is probably the best money we have ever spent under Labour in any case...

Oh and P.S.

Gordon, darling, can we forward that election meeting to this autumn?

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North Northwester said...

Time was, it would have been fine letting him cross the Pond for regular facial irrigation courtesy of Psy Ops in the sunny Caribbean, but under Big, not so much.

Those Democrats; such jokers.