Sunday, August 30, 2009

Terrible Tory Girl is 71st top Tory blog

TTG has made it ... on the Top 100 Conservative blogs. TTG didn't realise many read her rants and rambles and is very touched that readers went out and voted for her pride and place as 71st top Tory blog.

So thanks kindly!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pardon my french but Labour, you're merde

Aujourd'hui, milliers des etudiants recevront leurs resultats GCSE, plusiers étant ces notes hautes. Encore, on peut être sûr que peu des élèves auraient passe examens en francais ou en des autres langues. Comme l'Angleterre, le Francais disparaît.*

And as the Guardian tells today, few will understand any of the above, let alone the sentence entiere. For, language isn't cool, clever or necessary in this Britain.

Kids today will celebrate their grades and finally put down their books and take a breather. Yet while their efforts and dilligence should be commended, with sadness TTG has to reveal that they have worked for nothing and that their marks aren't worth the paper they're written on today. They don't make the grade in this society as they shall come to find if they pile on to university to a boozed-up baked-bean munching existence where pupils snooze in lecture halls and sleep walk their way through to high class degrees but no high class jobs to accommodate the living skill-less.

The true intelligensa are the workers. Those who have knuckled down to manual work, to master the skill of scissors or tuning wires. These masses who have picked up a trade yet are sneered upon by their peers at school, by teachers who didn't rate the pupils who didn't hang on their every word, counting each muttered syllable as gospel to get a quick mark.

Like carpentry, langauge is a life skill that each and every child should acquire and Labour's complete disregard for linguists over their destructive decade in power, has left a workforce drained and unable to compete with the rest of the world in the labour market.

So kids, here's TTG advice. Pick up a lingo and pick up a hammer. You need nothing more and nothing less.

Be a worker and you will reap the rewards. University is an empty vessel, the boat that has already set sail to the isle of career prospects. That is Labour's legacy - the class of 2009 who in ten years time will reap benefits, yes but not educational ones but ones from the state.

* Pardon my french, it is terrible!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alan just needs to be House trained

s**** stirrer Alan Duncan faces the sack after his recent irrational gaffes including talk of MPs living on rations, buying a grand bouquet of flowers with his expense pocket money, telling live his desire to hunt down a Miss America and performing terrible Tony Blair impersonations.

But while the Melton MP is stuck in a rut with his party deciding whether to keep or dump the budding politician at the pound, sacking is a naughty step too far.

All Alan needs is a bit of House training. Take Alan to one side and make him recite the Ministerial handbook word for word, in Latin, English and Greek. Sit him down and teach him etiquette and how to deal with the press and reporters biting at his heels.

Or stand him by Superdrug with a 'I Messed uP' sign and allow the public to vote on whether to pelt him with tomatoes or rotten eggs.

Other professions regularly cock up and carry on, getting on with the job. It's time we did the same with our MPs and not villify them and call for their head if they make a wrong move.

Punish them by all means, but don't strip us of our personnel. Quit quitting. We need a formidable force that can last through all weathers, not one that crumbles at s*** or weakens at the knees at t***.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby P's killers: Rewarded with life

Today, the ban was lifted and the faces of evil unveiled for the world to see. The perpetrators of so much grief, woe, pain and suffering, were splashed across our newsstands for the first time. Today we saw the faces in all full horror, of those who were responsible for leading little Peter into a life of sorrow, where all he saw was the strike of a hand, and torture in his short 17 month-long life.

Not an ounce of kindness did he receive. Only in death did this beautiful child receive the love he ought to have had in life.

He was just a letter, P. Only now can he be named as Baby Peter.

And how does the justice system deal with monsters, Tracy Connelly and Steven Barker who looked on and took part in the breaking of Peter's back and punched him so hard that he swallowed a tooth?

Not guilty ... of murder. Instead Connelly, was sentenced for allowing his death and may be out, free to walk the streets after a mere three years. Her lover, Barker, is signed up for 12 years behind bars, plus another ten for the raping of a child.

50 injuries Peter endured in his little life under the watch of these two. But for their crimes, and for taking away Peter's life, they have been rewarded with life.

Their lives haven't been cut short in a blood stained cot, alone. They are allowed to live and thrive and spend just a short spell fed, clothed and watered by us.

If ever there was a reason to choose the noose, this would be it.

For the protection of the innocents, we must as a country take tougher and severe steps to stop evil and misdemeanour. Only with the death penalty can we put an end to abuse and really give them what they deserve ... and it certainly ain't Sky TV in their jail cells.

A life for a life. An eye for an eye.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

FREE passport with every Labour leaflet

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All you have to do to to take advantage of this amazing deal is to send out a few of our leaflets.

Unlike other countries, our passport process is fastracked for our subscribers and you could be holding your very own British right of way in a matter of years or even months.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Do the crime, do the time Gary!

The McKinnon case may be a sad one with the autistic alien anorak facing extradition to America - but let's face facts, he did the crime and he should do the time.

TTG may seem heartless and uncompassionate but for too long in this country we have let justice lax and gone soft in our sentencing.

Gary may not have killed another man or helped himself to billions out of a bank or company but at the end of the day, McKinnon broke the law.

In the same vein, TTG will still not be convinced that the Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs should be freed just because he is nearing his deathbed. If we gave way to justice for ecvery excuse, mental condition, bad background, troubled childhood, who would be punished and would really be given the sentence they truly deserve?

Despite this, Gary, with his penchant for hacking into US security in search for UFO treasure, should stay ashore and face his punishment in his home country, the UK.

Why should a Brit be holed up in the States for a crime that took place in a bedroom in London?

We must get tough and unfortunately we will have to start on the pettier and smaller crimes if we want real security and a justice system that does what it says on the tuin, justice.

Crime is still crime whether it be stealing a penny sweet or murder in cold blood. Both must be addressed with the strong arm of the law.


In other news, Harriet has been Harman the Labour Party even further than one could ever dream. Selling the woman ticket, ole Harry reckons that women should always be in the top two jobs because men can't be trusted to run things by themselves. Hmm, because men haven't been able to run the world for centuries before women had the right/ambition to do so? Or before you came along?

Harry, are you just trying to secure your own place through protocol because you know you don't have the merit normally to deserve such a prestigious role?