Monday, May 25, 2009

Cameron, we're still free, take a chance on juniority

Cameron has cracked open the candidates list to let non-Tories have a sip of political power.

But is it really such a good idea inviting extra-Conserves into the compound when the talent which our dear chief so desires, is sitting right at his feet?

Here TTG puts it straight: Cameron, we need yoof, not crusty ole upper crusties!

Our party for years has thrived down to the valiant efforts of activists, of the grassroots who have laboured for the Conservative cause, through wind, rain, snow and sleet.

Having doors slammed in their faces, to virile abuse and tearing up of leaflets, yet their hopes have not been torn and nor have they been defeated.

Parties have never appreciated enough the work these backboned principled youngsters have done for their respective organisations. TTG is lucky enough to know many of these in the Tories.

And it is for this alone that today, she calls for Cameron to not open the candidates list for outsiders, but for the young activists, who will breath life into our party.

We have mums represented, we have dads represented, we have ethnic minorities represented, we have the elderly (we have plenty of these ;) ), we have the disabled represented ... but the youth? Not a chance.

Cameron, we need young blood. And with you evidently having a problem with enough candidates, why not take a chance on a young one?

The perks of a young berk

*Enthusiasm - this is a quality lost by our older MPs
*Energy - when do you see MPs huffing and puffing up an estate to deliver leaflets?
*Innocence - No sex scandals to ensue, eh?
*Understanding of fellow yoof - policies that can really cater for their interests
*A young perspective

The opening of the candidates' list would only suit to attracting celebs, or other ambitious middle-aged men and women and they do not have the party's best interests at heart. While we all need an overhaul of our internal politics, loyalty is a quality that cannot be bought or achieved by this. Young activists come with this already at the heart of their very being.

How can we cater for the young if we don't have any on board? 40 year old men, while young in politics, can't really enter a club to sort an issue for apparent noise pollution etc, or understand the needs of a young community if not on their level already?

They know what's hip, cool. They can aid with policies for underage sex/pregnancies/gangs and how to really get to the bottom of these issues better than some stuffy 50 year old in an office.

We always hear of excuses why the young can't possibly stand in a parliamentary seat. They've not lived their lives, they're single, they have no formidable career, they're too young etc.

But the very business of politics is not one which can be learnt on a degree or in 3years in marketing. It's a learn-on-the-job kind of work. There is no set of qualifications and no age boundary.

And they don't need £100k a year to know how to poke.

Cameron, we're still free, take a chance on juniority.


Working Class Tory said...

Very good points. I wish they'd go for a few MPs below 21 even.

David said...

Ah, I see what you are trying to do there. But it is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I have emailed Dave this afternoon offering myself as a candidate I should appeal to the yoof - ahem...

Johanna Kaschke said...

How about young at heart!