Thursday, May 28, 2009

The choice for Londoners has never been clearer - Vote Tory

WOW ... well TTG is just gonna have to vote Labour after seeing THAT Euro leaflet.

A kitten could design a better leaflet than this trash that the postman lovingly threw back into my house. It's lazy, clumsy and alarmingly too similar to the one the BNP has settled for. Seriously, it's a matter of spot the difference. Pretty damaging indeed.

Besides, hijacking Jack is not cool. Considering Labour don't even entertain hanging the flag up high in the sky on our public buildings at all, it's a bit of a cheek to play the patriotic card. The BNP tried that and look where that's got them.

And then there's the content, including some child like instructions for voters on how to vote because obviously they don't know how to. Funny that, when at the last three elections, voters have managed to do the monkey of a task of crossing a box next to your slimeball names.

But here's a guide on how to vote, just in case you don't know. How very helpful

*Polling day is Thursday 4 June - it's a bit obvious when it's scrawled all over the leaflet, don't really need to point it out again

*Vote once (x) in one blank box - no shit Sherlock, do we put a thousand ticks instead? What do you take us for, idiots? Well the public did vote Blair in 3 consecutive times ... granted.
Place one cross in the box next to Labour

And their chosen slogan - 'winning the fight for Britain's future', well it puts the lie into libel. Which fight was this? Because they're not winning the poll wars, nor the public's respect, nor that of Parliaments, nor of their constituents and nor of the world.

So which fight then, eh, Labour?

But even Labour aren't sure... as just a para down, they say 'Labour is working to win the fight for Britain's future.'

The whole tone and style of the leaflet sums up the party, wasteful, crap, ineffective, confused and patronising.

The font varies in sizes and the leaflet is emblazoned in red, Lib Dem's choice colour and the Conservative's royal blue. Is that to represent the many parts of a party which has borrowed as much in policies as it has in cash?

And there's not a person in sight. Are you that ashamed of your connections to the party to not have your mugshot on the paper? Is chief and master Gordon Bruiser Brown such a turn-off that you worry that his inclusion may lose the voters? Even the bloody BNP have got Griffin on theirs, possibly the more despised and disliked out of the two dishonourable men.

Labour, your leaflet is embarassing and it's not fit to even enter Britain's letterboxes.

But TTG won't resort to ripping it up - the paper's too good for that. Instead, TTG plans to return to sender, and you can too, here

Ken Clark,
39 Victoria Street,

To quote Labour's Euro disaster, the choice for Londoners has never been clearer,

vote Tory


Paul Seery said...

Good post TTG

Jackart said...

So you're voting UKIP then?

Anonymous said...

I didnt get a Labour leaflet at all... but they only polled 2% in the last euro election here... maybe they have given up?