Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why super-injunctions are great!

Terrible Tory Girl is in a mischievous mood. Today's Total Politics blog is inspired after too many years of reading reaction to a footballer's affair or a star caught with their trousers down.

She argues FOR super-injunctions and why they serve a basic service that some celebs should be entitled to have.

Read it here

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TTG blogs for Total Politics

Need your next fix of Terrible Tory Girl? Don't despair! Help is at hand from the lovely people at Total Politics.

Over the past few weeks, TTG has lent her name as part of the new bloggerati on TP's new beta site. (it's worth a look - click here)

So far, TTG has hit out at the big, bad British Airways, slammed the ever-Crowing Bob and even sparred with fellows at Oxford.

Click on the URL below to see all my blog posts so far, including my latest offering on the big AV debate.

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