Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blair's EU dream might be over in a FLASH

... The German Iron Lady Merkel isn't a fan of our man in Europe, reportedly speaking with disdain of seeing "Mr Flash" all the time. Flash with our cash, Tone, can hardly count support from our isles either. His only backer is Brown and as any budding sports fan will admit is a recipe for disaster with his curse.

Do us a favour, Merkel and "I heart Brown" Sarko, vote him out. Anyone but Blair bitte, si vous plait.

Now to get rid of that dastardly Lisbon Treaty. Keep up the opposition, Victor Klaus. Britain wants you to stand firm.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wife Swap: Politician's wives special

CHANNEL 4, the brains behind Wife Swap, bring you this special political edition of the show where the partners behind politicians are finally put in the spotlight.

With politican partners facing the chop in Westminster village, we pick two sets from the most dysfunctional and different MPs and put them together. But will these controversial pairings bring the House down or will they get on like a House on fire?

This week, the Howards move in with the Smiths. How will Jacqui Smith's partner, Richard "Two Timney, cope face to face with the no-nonsense, blood thirsty MP Howard? Will Michael put a stop to his letter writing and get him away from the television?

And what will Sandra make of the flippant, forward Mrs Smith? Will she be able to feminate the bullet-vest wearing tomboy?

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cameron, refuse to talk immigration and kiss goodbye to a Conservative Govt

Forget the Conservatives galloping ahead in Gallup polls, forget the downfall of Brown and his callous cronies.

If you forget immigration from the agenda, forget a Conservative government for the next twenty years.

The Conservatives, who have watched from the reserves, have seen the country fall into decline and depravity after 12 years of hellish rule with Blair and Brown at the helm. Yet despite now primed as a credible alternative and bidding for a take-over next May, the party are at real risk of throwing all their hard work away - door-stopping, shaking-up, shifting politically and geneaologically to new lengths and levels - by forgetting the one issue that the public, even the disillusioned, care-free voters care and give two hoots about. IMMIGRATION.

The one word which has MPs quivering in their boots. It's unpopular they say. A policy that breaks rather than makes a party. Michael Howard found asylum in the back bench and grassroots when he dared to bring immigration to the public arena back in 2005.

In the same way the man on Question Time who questioned immigration was last week, he was shouted down for daring to attack the immigration shambles that has plagued Britain for over a decade.

Now, with the borders effectively thrown open and scores and hordes of people moving in to Britain either to strive for a better life, to better themselves or in some cases to squander and take advantage, citizens are concerned. And they are entitled to worry.

Immigration is not just an economic issue. It has a social impact too. The landscapes of communities change dramatically as a result as builders rush to build blocks of flats and homes to house the increasing population. In metropolitan places, issues of schooling, religion, language and culture come into repute.

There simply isn't the space in this overcrowded country for a policy of open borders. Many forget that we are just a dot on the world map yet we are one of the most populated areas - the 75 million mark isn't that infeasible in the near future. But Alan Johnson doesn't worry his pretty head about it or 'lose any sleep'. While it would be wonderful to welcome the world on our doorstop, let's face facts, this inn is nearly full.

Of course, TTG expects to be hung, drawn and quartered for daring to attack the open all hours policy of Labour's in regards to immigration. You can't say you don't like immigration after all.
Even in political ideology tests, there is only one option for those who aren't cheerleaders for the all welcome cause. It's all or nothing. You either agree or you are deemed racist and dubbed a budding BNP supporter. But there is a middle ground and it is one that TTG sticks to. It's called sensible immigration. There should be a quota where immigrants who have a skill or profession we desperately seek are pushed to the front of the queue. The rest must prove their loyalty and earn a right to live in this great country of ours and they must contribute first to society before being eligible to the benefits being British entails.

Please do tell TTG what is wrong with that? Is it really that severe? You would think so with the yowls and complaints of racism often pointed in her direction. But what is racist about complaining about the levels of immigration - immigration is not a race or a racial issue. The creed and the colour and the name don't matter. It's the sheer size that people have a problem with! In this case, size does matter!

And it's not an uncommon view. Take your typical Joe Bloggs on the street and ask him what he has to say. No wonder people are disillusioned and can't even be bothered to vote or spoil their ballot paper if again and again their views are ignored. The public need to be heard and immigration needs to be the debating issue of the day.

The only reason the British Nasty Party poll votes is out of spite. It's a ploy by people for one last attempt to get their message across. This country prides itself on being a tolerant and diverse nation and it is disgusting that the public are treated and named racists on this issue.

And despite getting it so right on everything else, the Conservatives, still aren't getting the message. However unpopular, we must stop ignoring the 'i' word. It's not going away and that's the problem for many.

We have more down for policy on the countryside than we do on immigration and it isn't good enough. If Cameron really wants to lead the country, then he must take a stand at the dispatch box and say, hey, here's our policy on immigration. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Yes, David, you deserve credit for making us electable and TTG is eternally grateful for that but now we must win the argument of the day. Stand up and be tough and we WILL be behind you and the public will follow.

Our future survival is at stake. Don't throw it away over one issue.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Exes Factor: The final

The Exes Factor ... Who should the public axe?

IT'S that time again when the final acts of the Exes Factor are picked to face the public vote.

From hundreds of applicants, MPs have been shortlisted for making their mark in the expenses world. Those who tried and failed were sent from the bootcamp stage and sent home packing out of the House.

But who has the Exes Factor? Who can rise above in this contest and redeem themselves to the voters?

Here's a look at this year's Exes stars:

Jacqui "Two pornos" Smith

Jacqui Smith has been in the game for a while now. She has seen the highs and lows, mostly lows, of government and is determined for another chance to set the record straight.

Public verdict: The public weren't impressed by her 88p plug, her two porn films or mortgage claims. Jacqui, who already has had to take a backseat, is at real risk of being axed after her apology failed to spark up support. She is favourite for the axe.

Gordon "is a moron" Brown

Gordon Brown is a familar face but is a surprise addition to this contest. The born-leader (ahem) faces going to the cleaners for his bill for, er, cleaners in his Scotland home. While things can only get worse for him, little else can tarnish his rep further so he's likely to come out of the contest better than some of the other stars.

Public verdict: Gordon Brown is all washed up and his cleaning bill extravagance of £12k may be the final straw for a despairing nation.

Nick "35 bed knots" Clegg

Clegg hasn't been at the front of the pack in this contest as few voters know who he is. The former lothario however could be a surprise winner this year as he's pledged to fit his £900 flower bill.

Public verdict: The yellow belly has got to do more to raise his game and profile if he hopes to get on with favourable coverage in the media and public.

David "Britain's next top model PM" Cameron

David's campaign to clean up politics is steadfast and seems to be getting quite a response. Cameron, who has called on fellow Conservatives to clean up their act, has been dealt a blow after his own claims have been called into question.

Public verdict: The favourite to win, Cameron could have the Exes Factor if he puts his house in order as well as the House.

Who should get the axe for their Exes?

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P.S. Sorry TTG hasn't posted in a while - she has been far and away to Manchester . Read her adventures here