Sunday, May 03, 2009

On your marks, get jet, go David!

Demoted Dave in-the-millions-band isn't flying high with the electorate right now if his transport means are anything to go by. The jetsetting blunderer Foreign Sec has been taking a back seat in politics but it's not the case when it comes to his travel arrangemenrts.

Despite their plans to ban private planes and Blair Force One mimics, it seems flighty Miliband just couldn't give up his plane basic rights. David's private plane to fly the flag for the UK costs a whopping £8k an hour and will be ready for lift-off 24/7 for the next two years.

But why possibly would he need one for the 365 days? Like the rest of his fellow MPs, their working year or quarter hardly lasts longer than a month. And Dave hardly puts the work in 'working for you'. Apparently he went on 20 state visits last year. Not a lot for his line of work.

Well TTG is sure he has gone back to school, now that the half term holiday is over.

Seems hardly worth hiring anything. He might as well, in this credit crunch climate, say what he has to say in the safety of his office. It's green too. Keeps to your little eco promise doesn't it?

And a two year contract? They're pretty optimistic aren't they? TTG can't see him nor his crock of a party lasting much longer.

Still, a trip to California on a budget plane might give him a chance to meet the people he's meant to represent and see how shoddy our services really are. Surely not, after all Labour MPs seem to be above their station and think they are are of much more self worth than the voters.

But despire all this, TTG would be happy to pay for him to buzz off abroad more often and hell, TTG would even pay and book a one-wayy ticket to Timbuktu if it gets rid of the useless swine once and for all.

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Anonymous said...

He looks really weird - like Eraserhead...