Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are EU crazy? 7 reasons why you should stick to the Tories and not pick UKIP

Why you should vote the Tories:

Dan Hannan

Need I say more? His finest hour shouting down Westminister's Chesire cat was a classic and one for the Record books. He's also a fine, formidable MEP for the South East. And he's pretty fit for the job.

We are the real deal, we don't need cross-party deals

Democracy is not a pawnstore where you can trade in votes for ones we think are more popular/useful. It is a serious business and one that should not be taken lightly. We don't deal in votes. That is not Conservative currency. Do we wish to enter into the murky LibLab political waters with their swap shop of votes and tactics? We neither need or wish to align ourselves with a party who hoped to "kill us off" in 2004. If political joke Robert Kilroy Silk can call the party a joke, then it says it all really.

In with the new

It's simply not cool to follow Tebbit. Our dear Lord and former right hand man of Maggie is simply not right on this issue. The last thing we should be doing is telling our own core support to er, not vote for us. Can you imagine if Tory leaners and voters followed his advice? Do we really want to risk an exodus of the vote by abstaining or swapping our votes? It's time to say ta ta to Tebbit, how ever much it pains TTG to say it.

Instead of looking back at past glories and our past great leading men and women in the party, we should be nurturing those we have now. Cameron, Osborne, Fox ... all doing a fantastic job yet instead we rely on our golden oldie movers. How can we progress if we don't look forward and don't train up our upcoming and new stars? Like in footy, stars can get too old, too tired for the game. Tebbit is one of these.

The Party changed for a reason and whether us tradtionals like it, we must in turn change our perspectives.

Top of our game

We are at 30 per cent for crying out loud. Why do we need to hang out with the new kids on the block, UKIP, when we have over 10 per cent lead over them? If we all suddenly turned around and handed our ballots to Nigel Farage, we could lose all our influence. Also has any of the politicos in the party considered the damage and blow to our credibility if revealed in public?
TORIES VOTE FOR UKIP IN EUROPE ... if we can't , as supporters, even vote for our own party, how can we expect others to cast their votes for us?

...And why you should NOT vote UKIP

So EU don't like the union, why are you there then UKIP?

Hypocrits ... let's get this right. UKIP don't like the EU and want us to get out of it. Okay, TTG's got that. But why are they so keen to get elected and go work and live in the EU? Ahem. Don't think they've thought this through. A lot of Tories aren't too keen with the union but we have realised that we're better with our foot in than out. For UKIP, there is no discussion.. it's final. They want out. Well go ahead, Nigel, get out. Perhaps concentrate on your ideal of an independent UK by offering policies for the people here while here.

Different place, same principles

You wouldn't change your voting habits would you if you moved from one end of the country to the other, would you? Why should the area matter? The principles of the Conservatives are the same across the world. The European Parliament

If you can't commit to the Conservative cause here, maybe, just maybe, the Tory party is not for you.

Big issue of lack of policies

Let's face it. UKIP is pretty much a one-issue party. Apparently, you know, they don't like ID cards either. But dismembering Britain's membership of the EU is their only claim to fame. What happens when the UKIP representant that you will have voted in, has to vote in an issue apart from identity cards, um, a very British and national concern? Their only other policy seems to be endorsing nuclear. They can talk the talk about Britain but what can they actually have to say in Europe. "We. er, don't like the EU?"

Comrades and countrymen, cross for the Conservatives and no other this June 4.


Quiet_Man said...

It's a protest vote, the top Tory luvvies and mandarins are besotted with that corrupt organisation (as opposed to the grass roots) Voting UKIP lets them know they are still there and still unhappy about being in it.

gadgie said...

If you think it's wrong that the ukip should not stand for election to to the eu because they want the uk out.what are your thoughts on Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru and the SNP standing for the uk parliament?

Rayatcov said...

We are the real deal, we don't need cross-party deals.
If this statement of yours is true, then why did Eric Pickles meet Harriet Harman in secret on May 12. A meeting to decide a cross-party strategy to try and stop the BNP getting MEPs elected.
Isn't the BNP a legal political party in law the same as your party.
This isn't democracy it's conspiracy.
It smells more like Zimbabwe politics to me.

John M Ward said...

This is very good, actually, and I have made reference to it (with a link) on my own 'blog.