Saturday, February 27, 2010

Terrible Tory Girl @conference

TTG is off to the sunny (hopefully!) shores on Brighton this weekend with a Spring in her step.

This proves to be a weekend not to miss in the run-up to election and the last conference before G-Day.

For a chance to catch up for coffee and meet her in the flesh, get in touch on facebook.

Don't worry, TTG shall not be advertising viagra or any of the kind! ;)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're here to make your bully disappear

Are you a victim of bullying in the workplace?

Have you had printers thrown at you or angry bosses cursing in their pants?

Or have you been pushed aside in a political struggle?

Are you worried your tormenter might sack you should you reveal this to the press?

If you have had a run-in with a bully in the workplace, please call our primetime free bullybuster helpline where we guarantee to get rid of your stress in as little as three months.*

Don't live in fear, we are here to make your working life free from stress and printer-yielding-trousers-around-their-ankles-banana-munching-maniacs.

*Or when he bothers to call that election

Monday, February 08, 2010

You are what you eat, eh, Gordon?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

You're AV-ing a laugh, Labour

AV spells added vexation for the Tories. Why should the slow, fat kid who struggles to come in second deserve a place in the line-up for the next race?

Ranking our candidates in preference rather than picking the standard winner-takes-all can bring no good to politics. It takes away the element of competition, the deserved victory of a candidate who came first in their track event.

But it wouldn't be the first time, Labour called a rain-day on real competition - the weak, shuffling-behind-in-the-polls party have bred a nation with the same contempt for winners and the successful. They want a relay where everyone gets the baton, where even the one competitor who dropped his spoon won't ever get egg on his face, but a trophy all the same.

That is what AV is like. We always hear, especially from the Lib Dums, just how great the PR systems are - how they're more representative, how it's more democratic etc. But if that were really true, why has it taken Labour over 30 years to introduce the bill? For their 18 years kicked out on the streets before they struck gold in 1997, they fought and campaigned for the PR. Yes, they did introduce it to Scotland, N Ireland, London and the European Parliament (notice a pattern there?) but why has it taken them so long to give a supposed democratic dose to Westminster ... hmm?

Would it be, rather cynically, because they were doing so well coming first and they didn't want to spoil it with getting a few extra Tories in to interrupt their bonkers bill plans?

If the Tories get in this year, AV where you rank the candidates in order of preference of what you're prepared to put up with, may be the very thing to ease Labour's return to power at the next election. Cameron's first term will be wrought with despair and making tough decisions and this plan to switch to the "all-fairer, all-loving" AV will pick up support even in places where they only voted Conservative a few years earlier.

Many of the voters, hypothetically of course, who voted Cameron would have done for the first time so they would probably cross Labour's box as their second preference. This isn't an isolated case - if the Tories achieve the 41 per cent they need, these new voters will be doing the same. You do the maths.

AV = added votes for Labour.

First past the post may be flawed but it is fair. Unfortunately there will be areas where people decide to vote in Labour in the hordes but that is their democratic right and the Labour man or woman they pick will be democratically elected. And TTG is for that.

Long live FPTP. Long live democracy