Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Labour Keeps On (Taxing Me Higher)

David Milliband sings along to the popular opening song

THAT Labour opening song for Gordy by Harold Wilson in full:

Labour Keeps Taxing Me Higher
Your Party, Tax Me Higher
Than I've Ever Been Taxed Before
So Keep It Up, After I Retire
And I'll Be On The Dole Forevermore

You Know Labour (Labour Keeps Taxing Me)
Keeps On Taxing (Labour Keeps Taxing Me)

Higher (Taxing me, Taxing Me),
Higher, And Higher (Higher)

I Said Labour (Labour Keeps Taxing Me)
Keeps On (Taxing Me, Taxing Me)
Taxing (Taxing Me)
Higher And Higher (Higher)

Now Once Labour Got Started,
Disappointment Was My Closest Friend

But Then Gord Came And It Ne'er Departed

And You Know Money Ne'er Showed His Face Again

And Since, Labour(Labour Keeps Taxing Me)

Keeps On Taxing (Labour Keeps Taxing Me)

Higher (Taxing Me, Taxing Me),
Higher, And Higher (Higher)

I Said Labour(Labour Keeps Taxing Me)
Keeps On (Labour Keeps Taxing Me)

Taxing Me (Taxing Me)
Higher And Higher (Higher)

I'm So Glad I Finally Found Blue

Yes, That Toff One With A Million Earls,

And I Wish I Could Afford My Fuel,

Davey, You Can Stand Up And Face The World

Let's Get Rid Of Labour( Labour Keeps Taxing Me)
Keeps On Taxing ( Labour Keeps Taxing Me)
Higher(Taxing Me, Taxing Me)
Higher, And Higher (Higher)

I Said Labour ( Labour Keeps Taxing Me)
Keeps On (Taxing Me, Taxing Me)
Taxing Me (Taxing Me) Higher And Higher (Higher)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Police Notice: Fraud and imposter in Manchester


Police Notice: Fraud and imposter in Manchester

Gordon Brown has escaped from obscurity and is allegedly passing himself off as a popular leader in Britain.

The Scot patient, who has been diagnosed with power delusion, is said to be at large in Manchester. Suspicions were raised after clapping was heard in the Labour conference auditorum.

The search has so far returned nothing and we rely on your help in tracking down this dangerous man. Gordon has a glass eye and gawps like a goldfish. He usually skulks Downing Street but avoids public crowds.

Please call 0845 833 4022 or 020 7222 9000 if you see this man so that our team can put an end to his power trip for once and for all.

We must stop this man at all costs and your help is vital. Ring the helplines for advice and talk to one of our qualified supervisors who will talk you through the process of joining our campaign to end Gordon Brown's terror hold on Britain. Put this criminal out of Parliament by pledging just £2 a month.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Live in the sty: Political pig poems

US voters were shocked today after Obama revealed Republican candidate Palin to be nothing more than a "pig in lipstick".

Mrs Palin, who was unmasked as a political pig in disguise as a VP hopeful, has yet to hit back at Mr Baracks' claims....

And now to poetry. In the spirit of pointless jibes and personal attacks as the big race gets closer, TTG thought she'd give it a go herself.

Here exclusive to this blog, TTG has penned the lipstick saga in revamped and glossier versions of our old pig nursery rhymes.

Enjoy! *


McCain pig went to Virginia,
Miss Palin pig went home,
Miss Palin pig wears lipstick,
Obama pig wears none,
And Miss Palin pig cried, he's picking on me
All the way home.


Higglety, pigglety, top!
Obama's a political flop;
The pig's in a hurry,
her lipstick a flurry,
Higglety, pigglety, hop!


To DC, to DC, to vote a fat pig,
smears again, smears again, diggety-dig;
To senate, to senate, to pick a fat cock,
Republican, Republican, shockety-shock.


Obam, Obam, the Dem's ole' one,
called her a pig and away did run;
The pig did cheat, and Obama was beat,
Till he run crying down the street.

Click here to read all about the lipstick debate

Click here to see Obama's response on Sky

*TTG doesn't take any responsibility for anything printed on this blog that you, the reader, failed to find amusing in the slightest. Nor does she take any blame for any bias on this site as every step to appear neutral has been taken. Vote Obama!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The turtle red neck and the rampant rabbit: Race to the the Big White House

Racers: Sarah rabbit and turtle red neck

The tale of the turtle and the rampant rabbit: Race to the Big White House

Once apon a time there was a rampant rabbit named Sarah rabbit. She was very beautiful and won many beauty contests. Pretty Palin soon got jobs and the attention of her husband and others....

She, like many other rabbits in the forest of America, liked to get knocked up and have babies. Her daughter too shared this hobby.

Sarah, like many other rabbits also liked to run. Especially for office.

One day she saw the slow, old Sergeant turtle red neck, heading towards the big White House. Now Sarah wanted to live in this big house but the only person who could live in the big white House had to win the race.

But Sarah, while she could run fast, could not beat the turtle because she had not bothered to train before.

The next day, the second time she saw the turtle, she asked to join his training team so once the fat old turtle was too old, she could live in the big White House herself.

Now turtle red neck McCain knew of the rampant rabbit's plans to take over but he needed to win the race.

So the day after, the third time the two met, he asked Sarah rabbit to join his team. Turtle red neck was happy because he knew that many people would help him in his training with the rampant rabbit on his arm.

Turtle neck rubbed his feet with glee - "Now I can beat Barack bunny in the big race."

To be continued....

Will Turtle red neck with sexy rampant rabbit beat off Barack bunny for the White House?

Will Sarah shoot Barack bunny's chances? Or just shoot Barack? Or shoot herself in her foot?
Has turtle red neck made a big mistake?
Tell the terrible author below ....