Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Soft Cell speak up about Michael Martin

Phew. What a day. The House is in order as master Michael Martin speaks up and tells the world he is going to Glas-go and stand down as speaker.

A small cross-party motion of 20-odd cross MPs calling for the axe to wield on his head and for it to promptly roll from his speaker's chair across the Common floor seemed to be the last straw for Martin as he did the Honourable thing and had his last word.

Best thing since sliced bread. But did this Scotch egg of a speaker, the first to resign/get the push in over 300 years, know that 80s band Soft Cell wrote a little song for him back at the peak of their fame?

'Martin' is quite fitting for our disgraced don. ;-)

He's not speaking anymore, right guys? Roll on Frank Field or our resident minger, Menzies.

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