Sunday, June 08, 2008

Even more Spews on the News.

Because you're worth it.....

Pie-ty in the sky

Forget Holy Water or crucifix talismans, all you need is a shove in the right direction to do your bit for your neighbour. That's what Yorkie did, Archbishop Sentamu, when he leapt off a plane midair to raise £50,000 for the nation's poor.
Back in December, you may remember the act of courage God's messenger on earth had shown on prime time TV when he cut up his dog collar in protest at the West's refusal to crack down on Mugabe.
Here, Mr Clarkson, is just one reason why the Church should stay - John represents real Anglicism - don't tar all the Chrits with the same brush.
*Now Mugrabby, the Zimmer-barbarian has cut off international aid, what happens to the country's share of the £100 million Brownie pledged to Africa on Idol? In Robbie's hands?

'Em Sprees

Definitions of politician: (According to the Yankee

noun: a person active in party politics
noun: a leader engaged in civil administration
noun: a schemer who tries to gain advantage in an organization in sly or underhanded ways
Well judging by the antics of today's politicians, be they red, yellow, blue or far off the colour spectrum, and their love of lining their swish pockets by pickpocketing their fellow man they were elected to represent, they haven't a clue on their true role.
Here TTG will briefly explain their job description so next time they won't face a disciplinary from her, the media hounds or worse, the proles.
*Public servants - an effective mouthpiece for your community -voicing their concerns, their views on the news, a shepherd tendering for the welfare of his sheep
*Empathy - understanding the tolls that higher taxes and prices will have on your community.
How Not To Be An MP
* Consider yourself higher than your electors. You are their servant - you serve them, not your own needs.
* Choose funding relatives over relative poverty. Charity does not begin at your own home, but the home of your constituency. Actively support and nurture them
* Have more than the reasonable amount of 2 homes - do you really need three + homes?
* Take as much as you can get away with - Live like a Lenin - Lenin still lived, while leader, in one room in a small house. You bemoan £65k + is not enough but what about the people who often live off less than £25k and running a household plus kids at the same time.
There's no excuse. Sort it out, pronto or there'll be trouble and TTG is not meaning from her.
The people have had enough, particularly those of the politician kind.

Holding out for a Zero vote on Treaty

Come on Ireland, the British Isles is calling out for your help. Do the right thing and reject that dejected Treaty. Keep Britain Britain not a branch of La Manche.

Boris in Scot water
Old news. Yawn. Yes Boris said people are fed up with paying through the nose for the Haggis-ones and in fact, he is right. But it's not just Londoners fed up with cashing in on the Scots - the whole of England have had it - why do you think that Berwick Apon Tweed were happy to consider themselves Scotch.

Dove: No olive leaf for you, Brown

Real (con) men: What Broon might look like in one of the ad campaigns

Dove, the beauty magnate who managed the impossible, to make real women look good, obviously didn't think this could apply to one man, our Prem.

The ad agency behind Dove, refused a £75k sweetener from the PM to exfoliate his image, and rid of his bad press. Apparently they can't work miracles.

"Ogilvy UK, one of Britain's leading advertising companies, rejected an approach by Downing Street to make Mr Brown more attractive because it did not want to upset its other brands - which include Dove beauty products, Omo soap powder, Ford cars and American Express. "

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