Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spews On The News February 26-28

Terrible Tory Girl comes to blogger this week feeling like Atlas. Instead of the Earth, she has something far worse to hold in exaltation - a dissertation.

Here is the news, handpicked by TTG and pickled in cynicism.

USS: Proposed flag for Britain

United States of Scotland

Following the Northern nutters in Berwick Upon Tweed, drumming up support to join the Scotch Eggs, TTG has a wicked plan to change the face and even the name of Britannia.

North-dumb-erland's pledge to drag the Gaelic gate further down is a fair one as we all know that the grass is greener on the other side of the border. But why stop the border budging there?

England has over the last ten years or so been viciously seized by scavenger Scots with the Commons crammed with the West Lothian sharks with powers overruling those of the English reps.

While the Scotches set up camp in parliament, those left behind in the Loch are ladled with better NHS care, and quality of life, of course funded by the suckers back in England, unfortunate to live beyond the barrier.

This is where the plan comes in. Rather than to concede to the barmy Berwickers alone, why not extend it to Dover. Sooner rather than later, eh, readers?

Cut out the Church, smash down borders of Wales and England and proclaim Scottish supremacy. It could be called the United States of Scotland.

While the Berwick lot said “We want to be part of Scotland”, the rest of us, down the South want more. We want to be Scotland. Make the right choice, go North. Go Scottish.

Join the campaign on facebook: (Apparently the Gov don't deal in matters of devolution)


Coke Chanel

This is the news, and quite terrible at that, that Miss Whinehouse, likely to be found skulking London town in her bra or meeting up with her drug chums, Class A & B, is to dress the nation.
Now we all can carry off the latest look of cocaine chick, just cake face with lashings of war paint and complete with bird-nest do.

Here TTG shows parents what their children will come home like. Don't worry if there are specks of white dust by their nostrils - it's an essential part of the look!

Thank God You're Here

One click away from the realisation that Cameron must be PM

Martin Gets His Shoes In A Twist

It would seem that PMS doesn't just affect women but also Commons Speaker, Mr Michael Martin, the Scot with a passion for public funded avian dashing.

PMS, Public Monetary Stealing or also known by others as Persistently Moody Speaker is a condition often felt by females but also by the parliament's Michael Martin, who yesterday suspended Ed Davey for not doing as he was told.

Michael Martin went into a terrible rage after the Lib Dem Shadow Foreign Sec. stood up against Gov. decision to not go ahead with a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Davey has been suspended for his protest show, who walked out after Martin told him to take his seat.

Nick Clegg, who is a Labour luvvy these days, did the remarkable and er, followed Davey out.

Martin, take a chill pill, won' t ya?

Material Girls & Boys

Rowan Willimams, who has since dropped his Sharia card, has picked up a new one: the ugly hand of commercialism on kiddies. Apparently kids these days aren't angels as the Gov portrays but evil figments of the commercial culture where money matters more than man. Don't blame the supermarkets, Rowan-up-a-creek-without-a-Bible! Perhaps you and the small hand of Atheism are to blame for that.
Money may well the "the root of all evil" but your watered down, sorry TTG means non-existent Christian message does more to foster moral-less cretins in society.

*As for the corporate argument, well, TTG doesn't think the Telegraph are too convinced, judging by their Tiffany and Co ad for mother's day adjacent to the article. T'oh.

Real Hustle

In tonight's episode, the Real Hustle team look at the biggest scammer in Britain who continuously steals policies, gains trust of the public by deception and pilfers tax payer cash to fund holidays, prostitutes and for shameless cover-ups. This scammer has been in the business for over ten years and has not yet been outed....

The Con is On in Government.

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