Thursday, June 05, 2008

More Spews on the News

TTG will be quick today, she has a lot to get through and still needs to get dolled up to trek on the tubey wubey.

Boz: Carpe Latinem

Boris has really excelled himself these past two weeks with a string of policies that might just work. First it was the ban on the drunks, next the gloves are on and Virgil is back on watch in school textbooks.

Perhaps when down with his kids in the sun, his babes crayoned some really useful ideas - ideas that suspiciously appear to contain elements of common sense. Did the bouffant blonde really concoct such wonders with his own two hands?

From one Juvenal to another, the notion of Latin back in the classroom, is a scary one for TTG. For seven years, her comprehensively torturous school, force fed Livy and Cicero, boring into her innermost skull, the dastardly declensions, mens-a, mens-o, ecce Romani, riddles written in a dead tongue.

Still it stopped TTG from hitting the streets and abusing others - she'd rather do that to the books and she did, often - scribbling on that bastard Vigil's head.

Latin is not picked for choice, it's picked to impress - to demonstrate survival of the fittest (you have only survived in life if you survived Latin)


Also in Bozzy's to-do-list is boxing class - another try to pent out the aggression of Lundun's youths. Well it didn't work for one infamous MP, who certainly has no RESPECT for his fellows. Why not instead set up in each gym, school and centre a de-cross room.

A room where pent-up people can throw to their heart's content, foam things at walls, at others' faces, where they can place pics of their bosses and staple paper penises to their heads or plunge scissors into their scalp.

Well TTG would pay to go- need she bring a picture of Brownie or do they have one in stock?

Little Bo-Weep

Boz steps down as MP in safely Tory seat, Henley. He shall be missed :(


Cancelled. The Chrit festival has been axed off calendars and written off into obscurity and guess what, noone knew. Is that the latest Harbour (aka - Labour - always hangs around and is hated) policy to make bad, bad, bad decisions and not tell? Oh, hasn't that always been their held- hand -on-heart-on-sofa conduct of gov life? ;-)


Ireland, Ireland, together....get to vote on the Lisbon Treaty on the 12th. Maybe TTG should put on her dodgy Irish accent and get to the voting booths....

Obama the Moon

As it says in the title, TTG has another electoral triumph notch to add to her bedpost - her fave man over the pond has been declared the democratic nominee. After 17 months of incessant coverage of the campaign, the colour of the candidates,low cash funds, and shameless celebs cashing in on the limelight, Obama faces next losing to the chip off the old block, McCain - the 'Nam man.
American democracy: working towards a lighter future

Take a tip from California

Dear Mr Brown, here is how to solve the terrible terror teething and immigration ires, click here for a policy that WILL work.


Your biggest critic,


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