Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Pope's not a dope

God bless the most famous and reverend Benedict.

His visit may have provoked many a hissy fit from the Atheist/Jew/Proddy/Afghan/tax payer /tube rider(select which is applicable) camp and subjected Britain's Got Talent rejects but there is some good in this famous Catholick.

He's provided some laughs vith his very Germann accent but also taught our youngsters a lesson, and given them a constructive path to follow. Forget bags of money and fame, the only thing that is better than Dior handbags and bunches of fifties is becoming a saint.

Z-list fame or a prime spot in heaven? Hmm that's a tricky one.

Is it too late to renounce my Protestant views and do a when-in-Rome ...?


juliaroberts said...

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John M Ward said...

Any place in heaven is a price worth paying; but it doesn't need to be via the Roman Catholic route.

If that is your preferred route, though, that is (generally) fine. It's just that there are other ways, though always via The Way (and the Truth and the Light).

Just for the record, I am with the Salvation Army, which is a very good example of how to do God's work in the world.