Sunday, December 05, 2010

Terrible Tory Girl: The Return!

TTG would like to today issue a public apology to readers old and new ... for being totally inept in updating this thing more often.

After a few mad months of failing miserably in local politics, being cut off from the modern day world (will be hooked up soon - Virgin set-up success permitting) and feeling the Blues (C'mon, DC, take a tip out of Sinitta's book and be oh So Macho!), your favourite Tory poster girl is planning her comeback on the Party scene.

Expect more bolshy (the good kind) tabloid punnage and spews on the news and unmoderated opinion. Please do add your suggestions for things you'd like TTG to do more/less of.



John M Ward said...

Wow! Almost missed this news...

I don't know what to suggest for the 'blog, but have you ever tried teh LiveChats of PMQs (at Guido's) and Question Time (at Biased-BBC)? I think you have done in the past, but my ageing memory might be playing tricks.

It's just a thought, anyway.

Nick said...

Well now that Dale has departed the blogsphere it's over to you!!