Wednesday, September 01, 2010

BBLB - Big Brother Government's Leadership Bollocks

*For a dumbed-down look at the Leadership, scroll down below

Is anyone else frankly bored of the L word? TTG doesn't even want to give any of these five any publicity on her respectful blog but it seems streams of paper, journalist hours and web space are being given freely to yesterday's politicians. The media should get their money's worth by putting up a paywall for these rent-a-gobs so the reporters get paid for listening to their drivel.

What scares the Terrible Tory Girl more than the verbal diarrhea these L-lists are spouting in their various shit storms (see talk about not just reaching out to the middle classes, poor sportsmanship and anything that comes out of the Hackney priestess's gob) is the talking up of the media that these pathetic politicos may once again taste the sweet nectar of Government. If there is a God, let it not be! They have had their time, they are past it. They lost this election. Not even Max Clifford could save them. Media outlets may change their views more often than TTG changes outfits but it doesn't mean that everyone else who actually matters aka the voters are so fickle.

But in true media style, voters are. So here's an analogy that anyone can understand, even this X Factor nation of ours.

Here's a recap of a fallen Government's antics


Day 1

Most of the Big Brother Government Housemates are in the kitchen cooking up their campaign strategies.... ZzzZzZZZz

Day 12

(Producer: Is anyone still watching this?) ... The housemates are playing up for the cameras.

Day 16

Today's task is Get Back In Power. The housemates are having trouble getting to grips with this. Ed B is sitting in the lounge while the housemates continue the task.

Day 20

The housemates are wondering what has happened to Diane. (Producer: Who cares, keep watching this freak show)

Day 22

Ex Big Brother housemate Peter has entered the house. Ed M is hiding in the garden.

Day 30

The housemates are getting ready to give their nominations. David has received the highest number of nominations so will face the public vote.

Day 36

...The public have switched off.


Anonymous said...

What do you call a racist, black woman with four cunts?

Of course,

The New Labour Party Leadership Election.

Anonymous said...

I fear you make it sound more exciting than it really is. On the plus side the likely outcome will prove that David is the name for party leaders this decade. BTW I'm blogging again, under a new blog as for whatever reason I can't get into my old one. (actresses? Bishops?)