Saturday, August 21, 2010

Get behind Nick and David

Like juicy Five Alive's singing dodo, this political pun-dit and right wing extraordinaire is"alive, I'm doing my thing, I'm alive".

TTG has returned to the Tory pride after months of reflection in a post-Labour world, a failed bid to clean up local politics and the rise of the nutters - aka a new breed of Labour luvvies programmed with memory loss of the last 13 years.

Rest assured this lady's not for turning her back on her principles, her pride and policies. After 100 (or is 104?) days of friendly and not so friendly fire and a real sense of distrust for our new politics, TTG feels it is time the party for once recognised our political partnership. Former bed hopper Clegg with his nuclear nonsense and totally rad grad tax trollop may not fit in our neat stereotype of good government but by heck, don't we need this Liberal laddy. What we must remember is that if it wasn't for Nick, we would not be taking this country back on track. We would still be the cold, heartless rent-a-gobs toffs who allegedly wrecked this country. Do we want to preserve this unfounded opinion shared by so many voters? We can prove our weight in gold, yet again. Forget left, right, centre, Libertarian, authoritianism.

Get behind Nick and David. You might just come to like it


Quiet_Man said...

The only time I'll get behind them is if I have something sharp and pointy in my hand, same for any politician, they simply cannot be trusted to do anything that the public wants.

Nick said...

Good that you're back & posting - missed you!