Monday, August 23, 2010

Australia likes theirs well hung too

Now TTG is at the outback of the queue when it comes to getting the situation down under.

From the words TTG has glanced at, it seems like the Aussies like theirs well hung too as a system ordaned with nooses seems ever apparent. Maybe there's a job here for old Nicky. Another coalition to get his teeth into, to yo-yo between should he wish to disembark after a bad week in the top office or after DC banishes him out of the media spotlight for a while.

Welsh-born leader (and therefore Muggle Aussie) Gillard who only a week or so ago suggested that Australia should ditch the monarchy once the Queen pops her regal clogs, managed to edge ahead despite a few months leading the country ... into despair. Tories this side of the continent/world have hailed Abbott (not to be confused with the shrieking Labour unhopeful hailing from Hackney) mainly for not being party of Labor's motley crew.

As Australia mirrors its Commonwealth counterpart, Britain, in cocking up its powers-to-be. Like the UK, the political climate has turned to climate change and the eco-eccentric brigade. It's good to be green, to eat green. Green is the colour etc. But Labor/Labour have always got the environment question wrong. Rudd kicked off with ratifying Kyoto and even pledged to make it financially viable to be good to the environment. But like our little bankrupt Labour party here, it was just talk, guffaw, hot air. The ETS scheme was shelved and now madame Gillard plans instead to slap a carbon tax on Australia's citizens. Sod energy efficiency, they can't afford it.
But it seems Labor just can't give up on their green guff as Gillard desperately attempts to pick off a handful of greens to add to her coalition garden. Here's hoping the greens check their track record and take a chance on the Opposition for more credible alternatives than tax, tax, tax or broken promises.

Annoying nitbit of the day:

Freddos, the smiling frog choc treat TTG so relished in her pocket money days has been hit by the recession and the effects on inflation. Once a reasonable 10p, the Cadbury chocolate sells from shop shelves for 17 pence! Day light robbery. Kraft, a complaint is in the post. Though might not reach you until you rethink the price once again.

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Cazzy Jones said...

Not forgetting Labor's earlier proposed supertax on mining companies a.k.a killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

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