Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally we've got the Coalition of the Wanted

Today couLd be the greatest day in my life is something TTG is sure Take That's Gary Barlow will be humming to himself on this historic day.

It all suddenly seems worth it. All the years teased and attacked for holding Conservative values, all those years in opposition and growing up under the watchful eyes of New Labour. Now, David Cameron, a top bloke, finally has the reigns of power propped up by the Liberal Democrats in the first of its kind.

TTG is proud of all we have achieved to make history and finally get the government we deserve - one wanted by the public by either number of votes or seats.

Lib Dem supporters everywhere, don't turn away from this incredible partnership. You have a taste of power, and the real chance to have the policies you have long campaigned for see the light of day. A Lib Lab paddy wack congealed Rainbow coalition would be more like the TV show than a real form of government. Labour weren't willing to compromise and they never would have. Cameron has given you a share of the club - you're not just a rubber stamp. You can now scrutinise from within than without.

It's a Dave new world as The Sun says and let's hope Cameron and Clegg keep the courage, faith and determination needed to make it work.


Anonymous said...

Really?, what part does the SNP play or the Welsh Nationalists or the DUP? they are surely "wanted".

Anonymous said...

Since when did people "want" liberal democrats - 57 seats, reduced number??

No, the Tories have compromised to look better (rightly) but I feel they have compromised too much!

Its a shame we don't have an English parliament since that would have given us a majority!

Anonymous said...

Last night a Lib Dem was vomiting nothing but bitterness and vicious attacks against our PM and the Chancellor of the Exchequer and failed to appreciate the progressive partnership between David Cameron and Nick Clegg. We're in no denial over the coalition deal, but some people from the LD's still feel bitter about it.

I'm just thrilled to see our Dave as PM! :-D

Anonymous said...

Btw. the conversation with the Lib Dem was on a night out up north, just to make things a little clearer.