Sunday, November 01, 2009

Professors 1 - 0 Labour FarCe

And the drug derby kicks off. Labour's chairman, Gordon Brown, watches from the sideline as his injured squad make it on the pitch. Their last encounter with the drug advisory squad had been marred by a controversial penalty as star man David Nutt, the team's captain for this season, was sent off.

Nutt, who was hit with a match ban for his attack on Alan Johnson, has spoken out publicly ahead of today's game, insisting the ref was wrong to hand a red.

But back to the game, Alan Johnson leads tonight as he pits himself against his drug foes. His fellow policy players follow behind as he pushes past their defences and ignores the taunts and jeers of the Nutt supporters.

But before he can nip it in the net, professor player, Mr A.N. Adviser gets the ball rolling away and pushes the policy agenda further up the pitch, towards an open goal. Labour try to cover up the goal but their defences are pushed back.

And Labour think it's all over .... but goooooaaaaaalllllll. The crowd goes wild. Johnson looks defeated as he puts his face in his hands and kneels on the pitch.


The game resumes for the second half. Professor's Nutt sits at the sidelines watching on as the team try for a second. And it's another goal for the Professors and it looks like a third might be in the pipeline after this astonishing display from these runts ....

P.S - TTG thinks the Guardian needs better subs if their URL link to the story is anything to go by -

It's Alan Johnson. You know, the Home Sec? Yeah, got it, Grauniads?

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