Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blair's EU dream might be over in a FLASH

... The German Iron Lady Merkel isn't a fan of our man in Europe, reportedly speaking with disdain of seeing "Mr Flash" all the time. Flash with our cash, Tone, can hardly count support from our isles either. His only backer is Brown and as any budding sports fan will admit is a recipe for disaster with his curse.

Do us a favour, Merkel and "I heart Brown" Sarko, vote him out. Anyone but Blair bitte, si vous plait.

Now to get rid of that dastardly Lisbon Treaty. Keep up the opposition, Victor Klaus. Britain wants you to stand firm.

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Anonymous said...

I keep having this nightmare where I hear that dreadful Ode to Joy and see a grinning Blair stride out from behind a blue curtain towards a podium and a sea of journoes....