Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Klaus passes the Czech

Under pressure Klaus has finally succumbed and signed the Lisbon Treaty, ratifying the god awful, hellish Treaty, the final nail in our country's constitutional coffin, our political faust - our very own pact to the Devil himself.

Nothing good can come of this ratification. For those fed up with European Human Rights, bendy bananas and more lunarcy laws, there's more in store. For those who called for a referendum, their message will continue to fall on deaf, dead ears - what can a referendum possibly do now after the objection has been passed so readily by our own? We have been sold down the river Senne.

Like the Irish before him, Klaus was forced into an impossible situation and as we may have done (if we had the choice, of course) he accepted his fate at a price favourable for the Czech Republic. But his bargaining has left us short and we will pay the price, as usual, for a Europe bound and forged by peace.

With both Blair and Miliband sent on the first gravy train back to Britain, it looks like our continental cousins seek not just control of our fine nation, such as our quotas from Calais, but to also close us out of any discussion.

We fought two world wars for freedom and for peace yet here in Brussels, one nation is chained - Britain.


Quiet_Man said...

We can always leave, just requires Cameron to offer us an in or out referendum.

Paulie said...

In five years time when it turns out that you've not been forced to speak German, are not living on a diet of forcibly straightened bananas, and are finding that the Westminster Parliament still retains a huge amount of influence over the shape of legislation, perhaps you'll revise your view that this treaty is 'the final nail in our country's constitutional coffin'?

Funny, innit? If I thought that Westminster had already had all of it's power sucked out of it by the EUNazis, I wouldn't give a toss about who won the next election. I certainly wouldn't bother joining any political party - after all what's the point?