Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wife Swap: Politician's wives special

CHANNEL 4, the brains behind Wife Swap, bring you this special political edition of the show where the partners behind politicians are finally put in the spotlight.

With politican partners facing the chop in Westminster village, we pick two sets from the most dysfunctional and different MPs and put them together. But will these controversial pairings bring the House down or will they get on like a House on fire?

This week, the Howards move in with the Smiths. How will Jacqui Smith's partner, Richard "Two Timney, cope face to face with the no-nonsense, blood thirsty MP Howard? Will Michael put a stop to his letter writing and get him away from the television?

And what will Sandra make of the flippant, forward Mrs Smith? Will she be able to feminate the bullet-vest wearing tomboy?

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