Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's it got to do with shoe, TUC?

TUC have managed to put their foot in it, yet again. This time, the union wants to ban shoes, boots and sandals in favour of sensible, dreary, manlike flatties.

Determined to strip countrywomen of creativity, flair and expression, they reckon the ban plan is for our protection as we may hurt ourselves slipping on a pair of kitten heels.

Apparently the smart footwear isn't appropriate for the office anymore. Perhaps the ole Marxists would rather we wore our scruffy dog-eared trainers while thumbing piecharts. Sexualisation is an integral part of the female gender. We use it to attract men; to have power over men; to make us taller and for our own self-flattery. Wearing heels does to our calves what five months of gruelling workouts should but without working up a sweat. But nothing compares to shoes when it comes to confidence. Why else does a woman trapse around and hobble down the street on a pencil thin heel? Aesthetics appeal. Full stop.

We know that sky high eight inchers aren't slippers by any stretch but we take the pain like a pinch of salt. We gladly suffer, through our own CHOICE, to wear supposedly "sexist" stilettos. It is our right to shoes and to subject ourselves to pain -we get off on it dontcha know?
TUC, mind shoe business. Would you dare condemn President Sarkozy for his heels? 'Cos those are whopping and surely have caused enough damage to his street cred.

Let's face it - women wear shoes and they love doing so. Now stop being sexist and let us get on with some much needed shoe shopping. The lady's not for turning ... especially in flats.

P.S The delectable sequinned six inch golden wonders are from the Miss KG concession, Kurt Geiger's spin-off range, and can be found in Debenhams. Get yours, girls.


John M Ward said...

Yeah — and where's Theresa May when you need her? I think you ought to ask for a guest contribution from her on this very topic, as UK politics' leading expert.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to find size twelves Ms Terrible - any tips?

Peter said...

Um, the ban the TUC discussing was of mandatory high heels policies - that is, people shouldn't be required to wear them if they don't want to.

So you've completely inverted the issue here - the TUC was precisely objecting to the fact that women in some workplaces aren't given the choice.

Did you actually research what you were commenting on? The arguments made for and against? Because it seems like you simply appropriated a bit of hearsay to use as a device to repeat some prejudicial canards.