Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Labour has gone to the dogs

It's official, even Lordy Mandy has said it, Labour has gone to the dogs. Let's hope they stay there.

They may fool themselves and think they can make their comeback but Labour, you're past it. When May 6th comes round, we as a nation will sigh a long-waited relief as Brown packs his bags out of No 10 and hands over the keys. For then, after a disastrous 13 years at the helm, we will have our country back, albeit in ruin, and begin to patch up and repair the damage as this nation had to after the scars of the second world war.

The Conservatives have the tools to rebuild Britain and bring her back to glory and all we ask is that the public keep their chins up and entrust us with the power to do so.

Nick Clegg proved that his party would happily sell away their virtues and their policies for a quick buck, soundbite or a shot at power, even considering a coalition with the Labour party.

And now Labour mark their own destruction, realising at long last that they're not up to the job and that their shambles of a party can't go fourth for another term.

Rather than remodel our party entirely (on ours might TTG add) on what we may deem popular, we have listened to the public and adapted rather than create a new Conservatives.
We will always keep our family values, tradition, respect and patrotism at the very heart of our thinking. We are prepared to do what we feel is best to boost Britain even if it is unpopular.

So Mandy can go on the attack and try to convince half-heartedly that Cameron is shallow or that Brown has a fighting spirit but their vacuous statements won't wash.

The future's not bright for Labour at Brighton. Enjoy this week for it may be your last as a party in power.

Roll on May 6th.

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Andrew Zalotocky said...

Don't underestimate how difficult the future is going to be for the Conservatives as well. A year from now the Conservative government will be up to its eyeballs in painful choices and seemingly intractable problems. It will be under constant attack from the trade unions, the BBC, the luvvies, and all the other vested interests that oppose any reduction in public spending. Every significant reform will have to be forced through in the face of intense opposition, and the left will attack Cameron as viciously as they did Thatcher, Reagan and Bush.

So none of the three major parties will be feeling much joy during the next conference season. Labour will be divided into warring factions, the Lib Dems will be rueing missed opportunities (again) and the Conservatives will be too preoccupied with the Sisyphean challenges of government to feel like partying.

Enjoy your celebrations on May 6th, because that's when the real struggle starts.