Tuesday, September 08, 2009

No, it's not justice to demote Alan

Let's be rational, the sacking of Tory Alan Duncan is not justice. What a redundant move. A mere month after the Conservatives forgave and forgot Dunky Donut's "MPs live off rations" rant, Alan has been found guilty of a bad publicity charge and chucked in the Shadow Justice Office.

Alan, who had been posted as the Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, had been tossed away like yesterday's news in a manner akin to ex-Speaker Michael Martin.

Cameron may be pruning his shadow cabinet in a bid to produce a showstopping bed of political talent in preparation for the election in May but cutting back Alan Duncan from growing, is a terrible mistake and not one easy to eradicate.

Duncan may have been a bad egg in some ways for his high-end gardening expenses, his alleged death threat to an anti-gay Miss America type on HIGNFY but despite all his media mistakes, the man has done good for the party. He has helped or image as one that is inclusive of all persuasions and life choices and one that is forgiving.

For all of Labour's faults (and there are many!), at least they aren't too snap happy and again and again (much to our dismay in some cases e.g Brown, Mandy, Smith etc.)continue to roll out ministers who have made mistakes but are prepared to carry on with the job and the spotlight and possible furore and fury from their constituents.

So why is it that when the going gets tough, we only get rougher on our own side?
From ill-thought outbursts, to not polling enough votes at elections, why do we continue to cut away at our support and our staff? TTG knows we are the party of cuts but it's getting ridiculous.

If faith has taught TTG anything, it is the message of forgiveness. How can we expect anyone on the outside and voters to entrust their faith in us if we can't even trust ourselves not to f*** up again.

It's taken the public over 11 years to finally openly forgive us for our mistakes and we can't let them down. Let us trust one another, for their sake at least.

In our current climes, all our countrymen want is calmness, and a message of hope for the many millions left stranded, helpless, homeless and jobless under Labour's legacy of a decade of destruction.

TTG trusts Alan Duncan will continue to do a good job. Just let him get on with it.

No more cut backs to our cabinet!

Forgive and forget, please.

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13th Spitfire said...

Decade of deliberate destruction you ought to add.