Thursday, September 03, 2009

Poll in the head: Who STILL votes Labour?

The Tories are riding the political tide with a whopping 42 per cent vouching for the Conservative cause BUT .... lost cause misfits Labour still managed to poll 28 per cent!

Who on earth is still voting Labour?

That is the important issue here!

Before we can even dream or hope of a victory let alone a landslide one, we need to pinpoint properly which groups are ticking away happily for another decade of destruction. Without doing this, we can only dream of power. And dreaming is not enough. We need to win back Britain.

Labour voters, who are you?


tomandclaire said...

Anyone that is working for the public sector, that's who.
Look at their salaries and benifits and it is not a difficult choice

John M Ward said...

I've worked out that there must be four groups of people who still vote Labour.

One is as per the first comment — public sector workers, especially those in the half-million "non-jobs" created in recent times.

Secondly are the benefits dependents who are quite capable of working but find it easy to sponge off us via State handouts.

Then there are those with huge anti-Conservative pro-Labour chips on their shoulders — those who would punch a Conservative supporter as soon as look at him (e.g. in parts of the north-east).

Fourthly are those too dim to avoid being taken in by the BBC, Mirror and Guardian and their ilk within the Left-leaning parts of the mainstream media.

There might be more than these, but most of 'em probably fit into one of those categories.

Boaty - Fox said...

I do. But only to annoy you.

Brownite said...

I do and Tory Girl, I think you are deluded. You are involved way over your head - in something you know nothing about. You are not even aged to vote, you are clueless and support an Etonian party encouraging tax cuts only for the rich and a do-nothing policy on the economy. Go back to the bunker you out of touch, spoilt little brat.

Terrible Tory Girl said...

Hello Brownite, may I ask why you do? I assure you that I am of voting age. You're free to have your opinions but is it really necessary to resort to insulting? Or is that just the Labour line these days?

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your website. What a load of shite!