Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Terror threat level from MPs at all time low

BRITAIN'S terror threat level from MPs has been been dramatically cut to 'substantial', reports say today.

MPs, who have been responsible for the high levels of anxiety and worry over expense fiddling earlier this year and for highering taxes, have been banned from all public arenas for the next six weeks.

Already members of the public feel safe to walk the streets without members of parliament snatching their pension money or inheritance.

The twelve-week sentence which began this week, will leave MPs unable to come within 30 metres of an individual.

Any MP who breaches the terms will be examined and subject to treatment in a private clinic.


Anonymous said...

There is no such word as 'highering' - I think. Possibly 'raising' would be better...?

John M Ward said...

"In the interim, the police will be harassing and even arresting members of the public on the slightest pretext, using their now-enhanced powers/excuses under anti-terrorism legislation (Section 44 in particular)."