Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lose weight the easy way with TFL

LONDON calling, calling all Londoners, want to lose a few pounds without risky crash diets or getting off your feet?

Sounds too good to be true? Well not with TFL. Now, and for possible forever more, you can lose a few just by using TFL, part of our new 'no train, no gain' scheme.

Thanks to limited A/C in our Underground stations, you can lose a pound in an hour while you wait for the train.

No cardio workout necessary or gym kit necessary. Just pick up a seat, wait out for your train and feel the temperature rise. And what's more, because of signal failures and severe delays, we can offer you unlimited time in our saunas (platforms).

Our rooms reach temperatures of over 40 degrees celsuis so you're guaranteed to bust the bulge.

So what are you waiting for (apart from your train), top up your Oyster and work up a sweat.

Take advantage of this fabulous offer now for an unlimited time.


Anonymous said...

it's at times like this that i'm glad i don't live in london...!

Anonymous said...

May I use my travel vouchers I got for my birthday on this?