Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cap up our troubles, Cameron!

At last! All has been forgiven Cameron!

This week, David managed to rile his Conservative fan TTG with his claim that Tone would make a wonderful President of Europe (pass the sick bag). His support of Turkey coming into the EU had previously riled TTG up something rotten as had his u-turn on the third runway (No, David, no!)

But Terrible Tory Girl is the forgiving kind, especially when at last the long awaited stance on immigration is unveiled and it pleases TTG indeed.

A cap is just what we wanted. Non-stop, non-filtered immigration is one step to destruction for mankind. You cannot simply have a free for all, open all hours border policy, especially when your country is the size of a pea, if that, on the world map.

With our people density hitting 50 million odd in England alone, while our country counterparts in the United Kingdom - who certainly aren't united on their pop. policy - prefer a respective 5 mil for bonnie ole Scotland a meagre 3 for the Wallian valleys, one realises enough is enough! Australia has 20 million - put it into perspective, doesn't it?

Should we send our land to slaughter, to be carved up and served up on a plate of housing blocks and tarmac? Our continental cousins en France nearly match in numbers of people yet their lands are yet to be scarred and littered, swamped with ghettos of terrace.

The environment plays an important new feature in the Tory adaptation and it is for this reason alone that gives need for a cap on immigration. To protect the rugged beauty, the bales, the hills, we have to curb incoming visits.

An office becomes cluttered when its in-tray is full to the brim, spilling out on to the desk and floor.

Alan Johnson's remark that he didn't lie at bed at night worrying about the UK population hitting 70 million should take a letter out of his own book and piss off back to his 5am post rounds.

But Cameron, a points system is not enough. It is time that the system applied to those among us who have nothing to offer this country. Any freeloaders or skill-less do not deserve a place in the UK. It's time our nation bucked its ideas up and offered the world a piece of them, a skill, an export.

Don't just hit would-be immigrants with the cap, let us extend it to each and every one of us.

Are you fit to call yourself a Briton?

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