Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flu you gonna call? Not Labour!

SHUT it Britain, unless you too want to succumb to the swine flu. The virus that has wiped out 150 people in Mexico is spreading fast across the world, with the UK the latest pitstop for the illness. So far, two Brits have been hit by the flu and now experts fear that 25 million could soon be on the list...

Don't worry. Britain's covered, remember. Labour promised to keep by masks and drugs when the latest craze was bird flu so we'll be fine. Panic over.

...But apparently that too, like the "green shoots of our economy", rights for Gurkhas and first home owner MPs, is just another figment of our imagination.

Like Labour's crime figure/immigration statistics, Alan Johnson's recent claim that "we can deal with it" and we are prepared, is unreliable.

The cupboard is bare. Thanks to the poor preparation for this pig flu pandemic, there aren't any masks, only some lousy drugs to take once we've contracted the bloody thing. Which is likely and will affect 4 out of ten Brits as our nation neglect to check out our migrants' health, let alone whether they have a right to be here.

So far from being prepped for an illness invasion, silly ole Blighty blights in the health department have left it til now to call up the EU and put in a order for 32 million masks.

Shame that Europe is all out.

If that's their idea of organisation, TTG hates to think what letting themselves go is.


Anonymous said...

I have swine fever or whatever its called - will you mop my brow?

Shaun said...

When I hear that the govt has it under control, that they've prepared and so on, apart from wanting to dig my own grave and get my toe tag on now, I am reminded of the great Reagan quote:

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"