Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here goes McBride ... But who cares about his lies?

Here goes McBride ... Labour by his side

NB: This blog is written in full assumption that you have read, heard and been swamped with detail over the latest Gate to put Labour at the forefront of the news for all the wrong reasons, the Derek Draper & McBride Ltd v emails debacle.

Here's a quickie to get you up to speed, if like TTG, you have spent your Holy Week buried under box on box of chocolate Easter eggs.

---> BROWN'S right hand man, hellish Dr Spin McBride got his marching orders after his poison pen emails of ways to top the Tories got leaked. The emails, which vowed to dig up the sex secrets of the rich and famous of the Conservatives, had been sent to Labour luvvy-cum-cunt Dirty Derek Draper, who had his finger in the pie of this smear campaign. The PM of course doesn't recall said emails.

At least we should commend Labour for sticking to their education, education, education policy, for they have brought themselves down to the level of school children with their playground politics.

And even with modern technology. Not quite Twitter level, but they're getting there. In touch with the people, Labour are, you know.

But why do we actually care?

Papers and political movers have been quick to recoil in horror but TTG couldn't care less. They are but mere words.

And words from Labour mean very little to her and to most in this country.

Who, hand on heart, of the British electorate would a) believe b) listen or c) care about these unfounded claims?

A little background colour makes a picture, doesn't it not? The claims against TTG's fave Tory, a certain curious George, get her heated in quite a different way...

And while bloggers and papers cry out in despair at the disgusting snide contributions from McBride and co., what they have done inadvertedly is do the dirty work for ole Derek and McBride.

They couldn't be happier. For now, the supposed skeletons are printed for all and sundry to see. Their smear campaign has been carried out by the very people who had hoped to suppress them. Are the readers of our papers known for reading between the lines or questioning the "facts" put out in front of them?

Now they are left believing that maybe one of our high fliers has an STD, that there might be truth of a cross-dressing, coke snorting member in our ranks etc...

Our best policy is to simply not bat an eyelid at this pent-up, tin pot pathetic little party.

Since its very foundations, little vampire Labour has lived off us. They have tried to drain us of our support, our ideas, the electorate, our policies, our pride and our integrity. But like their vampire counterparts, they are dead. And dead to Britain.

If bullying, intimidation, and smears are all that Labour has to offer, then we might as well put the last grains of dirt on their coffin.


John M Ward said...

It's a good place for Brown. He's definitely on the slide, and he's going to swing one of these days.

Oh, and is there a rocking horse in that play area, by any chance…?

Anonymous said...

I think I would prefer shovels full to grains!! Goodbye Labour..