Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wacky Races to Lisbon

And now here they are in Brussels. (2007) The most daredevil group of 27 states competing to pass the ratification finish line.

They're off! The states, filled up with votes, make an impressive start.

And away they go on the wayout Wacky Races from Brussels to Lisbon. Each state vying to take home their concessions to the Lisbon Treaty.

Up front in the wacky races today is Hungary. Slovenia creeps shortly after with Malta and Romania.

Not far behind, France, Bulgaria, Austria and Slovakia take their cars up past the voting stage.

On their tail, state cars Portugal, Denmark and Latvia turn on their engines. Germany's surplus six tank follows at a deadly pace.

And up last are Dick Barroso and his sleazy money squeasy sidekick Gordon in the European Machine.

And even now they're up to some dirty trick (2008) They've switched the treaty direction and led them up the Constitution path!

Oh no. They're blocked, there's no way out now.

But what's this. Germany and Poland miss the shortcut and are taking the long way round.

Dick Barroso: "Drat and double drat, I'll have to force them down."

Gordon: "S-hee s-hee s-hee s-hee"

And here are the wacky racers. Number 1 Hungary is still in the lead. Dick Barroso and his sidekick Gordon trail behind.

But what's this? Ireland have blocked the path ahead with their bouldermobile. The Irish are really driving the message down to Brown with this one.

But is it enough to block the gruesome twosome's path?

Meanwhile further behind the Czechs are in trouble. Uh-oh. The Czech driver is pulled out of the race! Prime driver Topolanek is out of the running. What will the Czech mates do now?

Will Dick Barroso and Gordon reach the Treaty finishing line?

Stayed tuned for more Wacky Races. Only in Europe.

P.S To see Gordon's trademark snigger, watch our right hand man Dan Hannan in the Tory Terrific puncture him in his Tuesday speech!


Jason O'Mahony said...

Boo! Boo!

If the tories are so anti EU, ,why not advocate leaving? You can't change it from the inside, because the rest of the EU wants it more or less the way it is. Certainly, in Ireland, where I'm from, the tory arguments, that the EU is too left wing, are the exact opposite of the No campaign here, who say the EU is too right wing!

Like your site, though.

Anonymous said...

Its creepy to misuse my image without asking. Really creepy..

Terrible Tory Girl said...

Aww I'm sorry Mutley, it's just your namesake ;) Hope you're well!

Anonymous said...

You should be more famous and not just have me as a fan, what are you doing to get better known? I think you are very funny by the way...

Anonymous said...

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