Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do something funny for money ... be a Labour PM

D'oh it was that time again when Gordy gets out the public purse, takes out the last measel of metal and hands it over with an IOU of £2million to charitee. Of course not a single penny comes out of his sporan for the cause.

This year, the BBC apparently paid its money worth with such comic classics as c-list celebs huffing and puffing up a mountain, Beastender's Bianca causing a Riiicccckkk--us on the awful Apprentice and sketches by has-beens controversial-instead-of-comical twosome Lucas and Walliams. TTG is sad she had to excuse herself from the television set.

The theme was do something funny for money and Gordy pulled out the stops to follow it to a T. So much so, the funnyman has been doing it for over 11 years.

* He's done a funny job as Chancellor
* The economy's a rib tickling joke right now
* Britain's education record under Labour is laughable

Well done Gordon, Terrible Tory Girl thanks you for your fine efforts.

You are the country's number one joke. You do something funny for money everyday.

Aren't we lucky, eh?


John M Ward said...

That image is a definite improvement.

Actually, as this item is all about the PM, perhaps the heading might be better as "…be a Labour PM". Just a passing thought!

John M Ward said...

That's better! However, I notice that your Facebook link in the right sidebar doesn't work(!)

By the way, as you are in Canterbury: have you read about LibDem Councillor Roger Matthews on Canterbury Council who has been charged with corruption?

13th Spitfire said...

One can only but laugh in the face of disaster, Mao did it, and he won anyway. Lets hope that Gordon doesn't plan a long march to Scotland to save face (would undoubtedly use taxpayer money to fund the march as well.)

Anonymous said...

I have saved up for a family bag of twiglets....