Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mothercare changes name after dads row

BABY chain Mothercare plans to change its name to Parentcare after concerns that it excludes single dads.

The retailer, which was set up forty years ago, caved in to political pressure after hundreds of fathers complained they offered no help to dads.

The Single Males Association, or SMA for short, who were behind the landmark move, said members felt embarassed to buy maternity goods.

In an open letter on their website, Chairman of SMA Steve Creer said:

" Ten per cent of single parents are men yet you wouldn't know this if you walked into the Mothercare store. The store was set up by woman, and provides solely for women. Breast pads, panty liners and muscle relaxants are displayed in garish pink packaging or women on the label.

"Men are an integral part of the pregnancy process and more provision should be made in this day and age, to give fathers an equal footing."

Parentcare, who aim to display the new storename across all shops by the end of this year, plan to set up a paternity range for sympathy symptoms and a clothing line suitable for fathers on the go.

Creer added: "We at Single Males Association welcome the move by Parentcare,and hope that this is the beginning of the end of social exclusion."

A survey in 2001 found a quarter of single fathers were forced to quit their jobs after employers refused them paternity leave.

But last night, the store was accused of bowing down to pressure.

"This is political correctness gone mad", said mum of two, Kelly Marley. "Men can't have it both ways. Women have a natural bond with babies and besides they're the ones carrying them. Blokes don't have a clue of the pressure on mums. Grow a pair, men."

Natalie Gimber, from Ramsgate, Kent said: " My boyfriend had no problem buying nappies and cream. I think it's a bit over the top."

Parentcare were not available for comment.


Anonymous said...

I for one welcome this...

James said...

I don't think the name's the problem as such, more the product line and the way its all presented.

Anonymous said...

i note the Tag at the bottom of this story, but can't help but be puzzled that you posted it 3 days early...?