Friday, March 06, 2009

The Digi Revolution is here ... take up your mouses, masses, and seize Twitter

THE DIGITAL Revolution of the Labourskis is nigh. Workers, put down your scythes, pick up your mouses and join us, comrades, to take back the net from the Burzhui bankers and Conservative capitalists who stole it from neath our seats.
We must reclaim and reclaim cyberspace as ours.
We must seize facebook and Twitter and push our agenda to the digital masses. We cannot stand back longer and watch the educated take what rightfully belongs to the people. Our Director of Digital Engagement will lead the revolution but we need you to follow in total blindness and carry our message online. Great rewards will be in your grasp once the central communication controls of the nationals have been snatched. Our mission is costly. You must sow £120k for our director and invest your time and soul into the Revolutionary movement. Information technology will belong to us. Our comrades, Jacqui Smith, Phil Woolas, Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman have invaded the internet already. Follow their lead and take the spirit of the digi revolution into all that you do, brothers and sisters.


Bill Quango MP said...

Why did Obama give Brown those DVD's?

Maybe they saw Gordon getting off the plane and thought "Oh No..He's gone and brought a gift!The creep."
Then they remembered a staffer had won a radio phone-in and they just wrapped them up.
How surprised was Brown and Co on the plane home, trying to work out the meaning of the gift.

Lost series one box set.
Forrest Gump
The Road to Perdition
How to make your own wall paper
Walking with Dinosaurs
Mama Mia!

"What does it all mean..Whats the hidden message?"

Anonymous said...

I am also worried about the wank DVDs - were they gay porn? Did they involve horses - all must be told