Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mills & Broon: The Shortcoming of Gordon

Mills and Broons are proud to present their latest range of political erotica. To celebrate the release of the range, here is an excerpt of their most popular to date, 'The Shortcoming of Gordon'.


Chapter 1: Gordon


Obama had stripped bare. He rid his House of the flags and podiums, preferring to meet his older guest draped in nothing but his inauguration suit.

No formality was necessary to meet the man to whom he felt close.

He trusted this silver haired, silver tongued Scot. He yearned to have him by his side more often - he had a way with his fiscal figures.

Obama rubbed down his crisp shirt as he went to welcome his guest, his hands moistened as he clasped Gordon's rough palm. He remembered sadly that the two would not be alone for long but he was determined to put the short time together to good practical use.

Gordon could hardly contain his excitment as he greeted and embraced the dashing Barack. He smiled that he would be the first to come and explore his international partnership with the American.

Obama had only slotted Gordon in for an hour but an hour was enough for Gordon to truly make their relationship special. He was keen to show this dapper toned young president all that he learnt in the boardroom.

Obama leant against the doorpost as he fumbled with the door knob and twisted it gently, urging Gordon to enter. The stout statesman walked briskly through with Obama close behind, his arm resting on his waist.

Gordon stopped at the desk and turned around to face Barack. "Hello, my friend", he said with his words dripping with sincerity.

He ran his fingers through Obama's drawers, admiring his handiwork. "Your banking policies please me. I'm glad Britain has your attention and can count on your support."

Gordon reached in further and took hold of the key to Obama and his special relationship and held it firm in his hand .....

Additional words by the guys at the FT

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