Sunday, January 04, 2009

Purnell? What a loser!

Labour really are a bunch of losers. Not content on their claim to fame of broken Britain; taxes firmly pushed to the hilt of each and of us; running down our pound to the ground; the rise of the non-working classes who can't afford to miss out on Britain's benefit bonanza; sponsoring health packs to protect in and out patients of catching a nasty bug on their stay in a "hospital";

TTG could go on....and she will at a later date but for now, let us concentrate on just one of Labour's non opi: James Purnell.

The sporty thirty-something Work and Pensions Sec is a Lost cause. Boasting an impressive backhand with his days in the sport office posing for photocalls (or more often photoshop), not much else can be said for this bland boyish minister with a nack for losing his p.e kit, confidential papers, security passes....

Luckily for the cheeky Cabineteer, his pass and lunch money were dutifully handed in by a member of public.

Next time, James, lose yourself. Your tough love policies on the work shy seem to have been lost too. In translation that is. When exactly will you and your "mates" get your act together?

Is it really that difficult to press the off switch on the Labour's cash tap?
Is it really that difficult to stick to a policy?
Is it really that difficult to get to a photocall on time and not end up photoshopping yourself in?
Is it really that difficult to keep your belongings together and not leave them on a tube/street?

Well obviously, James it is really that difficult for you. You're a liability, it's time you went...back to school.

You too, Gordon.

Switch off the lights when you go.

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