Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Coming soon....TTG's Daily De-bait

TTG has been forced to take involuntary redundancy from her wonderful T.O.R.Y blog and shan't be back on to your screens until Mr Modem and Mr BT hook up and arrange a meeting for this blogster to return to the cyberforce.

TTG'll be back...and that's the truth.

For the meantime, do not fret, breathe deeply, in and out and read about the terrible Tory girl's latest feature, the Daily De-bait.

The De-bait, as the name entails will be a discussion on a snippet of news that has got TTG lined and hooked to her pc monitor.

It might be celeb gossip, might be politics, anything that comes to mind....but this is where you come in.

Updated daily (well hopefully), TTG wants you to submit your views, give suggestions for topics and have more of a say on her site - abuse directed towards her is fine but don't abuse the abuse.

So, with no further delay, on to today's discussion:


*Political access courses?
*x years unpaid volunteer work in constituency?
*x hours requirement in the Commons?
*Capped expenses?
*Commission based work - more they attend meetings, more they earn?

What do YOU think? Tell her here.

Mouses at the ready....

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