Friday, July 18, 2008

Parl' wars: Attack of the clones

Crash Gordon

The fleet street sheep have finally left Gordy to graze on greener pastures in the Cameron camp.

As the Unions plead for an end to the No Labour faction, papers from the G. Mail to the Gordygraph and even to the Dependant have hung up their pens in protest in the face of a future of writing the impossible: Pro-Broon puffs.

The Guardian are no longer faithful angels, seated up left, if this blog post by Bridget Fox is anything to go by.

Doctor of the daily Wail, or Gmail, Dacre, has made a Right move, and now backs Cameron after his brief fling with "walking on water Brown" ended in tears.

The Dependent too has packed up it's individualistic rag to check out the Tory that's setting the public papers' hearts on flame.

Gordygraph, even under its recent Sinistrum yoke, has revoked its left wing dalliances.

His Scotch compatriots are not sending out an SOS for him, particularly not the Scotland on Sunday.

Rowan, the Lambeth fly trap, the man who launched a thousand debates over his Sh'ite talk on Sharia law, has stood by his Lord rather than er Gord.

Rather than to divide the Church so that Gordy and his political poachers may walk Scot-free, he has decided to turn the other cheek and blow a raspberry at the pm by his attempt to solder the falling pieces of church back together again.

And the Unions? United against Brown.

But, don't worry pet, you have one Unusual suspect you can count on for support.


Your Tory tea chum, Maggie T.

Is your time up too, Brown? Is your state funeral in the wake of 2010?

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