Wednesday, July 16, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: TTG degree shock horror

Francesca moments after her release

Former bedroom recluse cum crazy poet Francesca Preece, has become the first Terrible Tory Girl to date to survive history.

The self-confessed book basher, whose three year ordeal in mountains of dust and illegible text came to a end yesterday, told T.O.R.Y she is "relieved to finally be free."

Francesca said:

"The course sentence that once hang over my mind like a guilotine, dating back from 19th century France, has come to a close and thankfully my head is still in tact.

"May we remember those individuals whose wills and desires died in the Degree Depression. May your souls at last rest in heaven, where history can never harm you."

UGs were confined for up to eight hours each day, tortured by the wails and scribbling of tormented souls in a tower block, called 'the library' by inmates.

Finally on July 15, 2008, thirteen of the original 35 were released back into the wild, still dressed in the macabre funeral cloaks that the prisoners had to fund themselves through whoring and serial swotting.

The cloaks, held together by a brown choker, reached temperatures of 40 o c while the sleeves served as a makeshift straight jacket.

Francesca now plans a future away from the restraints of education.

She said:"Life begins at 20, now's a good time to start doing exactly that, live."

Francesca is left with a 2:1 scar in the Journalism and Contemporary History discipline
from the institution, QMUL.

Exclusive to the T.O.R.Y blog, see newly released Francesca as she escapes the hand of intellectualism.

Hat trick: Francesca hides from the media

Camera shy: Francesca hides in fear of the light

Smile: Francesca still in her work clothes

P.S. Names have been changed to protect the identity of blog misfit Terrible Tory Girl (TTG BA)

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