Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gordon Brown - From Hero to Zero

Because you have waited patiently, TTG brings you something very special, her little tribute to the Gordmeister, an Anthem for Doomed Crwth (well he is ancient) entitled 'From Hero to Zero'.

NB: The similarities to the similarly named song From Zero to Hero are similarly coinicidental - TTG allegedly came up with this beauty all by herself, apparently.

NB notes aside, enjoy comrades! Watch vid below lyrics to sing along. You know you want to.

From Hero to Zero

One year ago
Gord beat every foe
Person of the week in every MORI opinion poll
What a pro
Gord stopped every woe,
Put him by bird flu, flood, and he was in the dough
He was a no won
A hero, hero
Now he’s a bottler,
He’s a zero,
Here was a tax man worse than a fat cat,
From hero to zero in one year flat.
Hero to zero, rep in tat (snaps)

When he smiled
Voters went wild with
Ewwws and argghs.
And they slapped his face
On every mace

(The king of Tsars)

From appearance fees and royalties
Gord had our cash to burn
Despite so riche and infamous
He could tax you
On ev’ry coin earned

Pray amen
There he goes again
Cheat and undefeated
And 10 collected for ev’ry 10
Aliens lined up
Without any checks
For their perfect package,
A home, cash, a pair of specs

Gordy, he comes
He sees, he conquers
Honey, the crowds were
Going bonkers
He showed no proxy brains, no spunk
From hero to zero a major flunk
hero to zero and what a skunk

Who put the tax in taxpayer?
Gordon Brown
Whose tearing deeds cause public stir
Gordon Brown
Isn't he cold?
No one greedier
What a cheat

Our primus wanker

Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown

Bless my soul
Gord was on a roll
Riding high
Taking cash, so sly
Not contented

He was somethin'
A hero, hero
Now he's a bottler
He's a zero

He hit the bottom at breakneck speed
From hero to zero
Gord was a hero
Now he's a zero
Yes indeed!

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