Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spews on the News

TTG apologises profusely for her unplanned retirement from her beloved blog - twhas been a long haul of a month with entering the circle of work life, deciphering tax forms and nervously chewin g her fingertips in anguish in the wake of her results - she got a 2:1 baby!

Now on to some brief news, now that TTG is semi-functioning. Perhaps.


One year on and we wonder that. 'Who is our PM? 'the papers decry. Haven' t got a bloody clue. Some Marxist Mugabe-like creature who stalks number ten and won't budge like the fishy smell in Whistable Harbour.

Often you'll hear shrill squeals of no 'Legitimacy of election' in Zimbabwe - that is our PM, the holier than thou, the unelected one. Perhaps we could ban him in the same way he proposes to Mugrab?

Oh, TTG found him. Here he is.

NB: He's the grey hagged figure with the faint Scutish accent being lashed by the tongue of Cameron.


Money-undeclaring No-Labour leader in Scutland, Alex is lost for words. Even after losing her voice at Questions in the House just the other day. Tomorrow, the firing squad waits. Sorry, Labour proto-col, love.

Funding nemo

TTG doesn't mind paying up a 66 pence piece packet each year for the Royals - they do far more than the Gov does, even with the ridiculously high level of revenue we dish out to the creeps - and yes, TTG is permitted to bemoan the terrible taxes now that she has to pay them!

Back to point, TTG thinks us countrymen and women should happily support the one last part of our heritage that hasn't yet succumb to the claws of Marxism and the kill English culture movement.

Plus the Queen with all her wealth and service to the country sticks up for the nation's below-breadliners- she buys McDonalds and she refused to have a big celebration for her wedding anniversary this year.

MPs? Well apart from the Tory MP Grant Shapps who spent xmas night on the street, TTG can't really say much for their corner.


A spanking new politico mag! Published by the wonderful Iain Dale, the mag contains all you need to know of the ins, outs, nooks and crannies of the legislative world in the UK. Check out the first issue filled with an interview with Alan B*stard,Gordy Brown and his apparent "character" and love of James Bond. Ha. Ha. And much much more that TTG cannot be bothered to write - just buy the mag won't ya? In all good shops near you.

Hatty's equality ideas are just plain mad!

Time to say goodbye to Harriet Heman? Hurr-iet has been busy according to Labour officials, hurting the polls and has been reproached for the Henley disaster.

The Woman advocate, who's the mastermind of a bill to trump inequality in the workplace by injecting even more inequality in its place, may be a first class muppet but she's not to blame for Henley. Why doesn't the narcissistic Party look a little closer cannot expect guys to rake in support while bleeding the workers you're meant to represent dry.

Remember 10p tax?
Remember the price of petrol?
Remember the price of food?
Remember the green agenda that's costing us 37 % more?

Well they do. And that's why they voted blue.

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