Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Voting Out Ken For A Hero

Voting out Ken for a hero - A song tribute to the man we should all cross for our next Mayor. Make the Right choice, vote the bouffant Boris.

Besides gentlemen prefer blondes.

Sing along to the song, Voting out Ken for a hero, which sounds so very similar to Bonnie Ty's Holding out for a hero....uncanny.

Voting out Ken for a hero

Where have all the bad men gone
And where are all the quods?*
Where's the safe street Boricules
to fight the thieving squads?

Isn't there a blue knight upon a routemaster bus?
Late at night I toss and turn and yearn
of what I trust

We need Boris,
We're voting out Ken for a hero not for a fright,
He's gotta be blue
And he cannot be last
And he's gotta be fresh, not a krait.**
We need Boris
We're voting out Ken for a hero, not an anti-semite
He gotta be our cure,
and sing a new tune,
And he's gotta be larger than life.

Somewhere after poll night,
in my wildest fantasy,
somewhere in his maiden speech,
Boris won't be breaching our decree,
Racing on no blunder and not rising with cheat,
it's gonna take a Toryman to make me walk my street.


Up where City hall meets bureaucracy from above,
out where there's splits in the Assembly,
I would swear that there's a suitable mayor,
Boris is he!

Through the wind end the chill and the rain
And the crowd and the crud,
I can feel his blue vote,
cross the box, it's no dud.


*Quod - jail
**Krait - poisonous snake

Vote Boris and click here to see why.

Sing a long to the tune here

* P.S. Here's who TTG voted for

Mayor choice 1: Boris Johnson
Mayor choice 2: Matt O Connor (English Democrats)
London Assembly (East and City) - Phillip Briscoe (Conservative)
London Assembly (London-wide) - Christian Alliance

If you have any questions on why TTG voted in this way or complaints that she didn't instead help vote back in red Ken or his comradry, please do leave a message here.


Not that Nick Wood said...

Yes today’s the day we get to rid ourselves (hopefully) of the evil malevolence that is Ken Livingstone. Soon London may again be a city if which one can be proud.

O/T, but have your course finished TTG that you are looking for a job? Good luck with that – hopefully some big newspaper will spot your talents and snaffle you up.

dirty european socialist said...

Hope Ken wins. He is a great guy. I like Boris but I prefer Ken.

Not that Nick Wood said...

make that "has your course finished". Don't want to appear illiterate on a future journalist's blog

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