Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's St.Georgggge's Day! Get out your flags, countrymen!

While the Government continues to pretend that England doesn't exist and tries to spurn our patron saint, may we all rise today in jubilation for our country, our pays, our motherland.

England uber alles, eine England fur alles.

Celebrate it with style, men, women, compatriots be it with flags formerly associated with the drunkard football hooligan, or with quiet reserved patriotic pride with English ordaned pants and muttering Happy St George's Day as you pass strangers in the rain.

Praise be to our patron saint - St George.

Happy St. George's Day to you, and you and you and also Bosnia, Catalonia, China...all those who choose to spend their April 23 remembering George.

Here's Jerusalem.

- Listen to Jerusalem, er, sung by the Welsh Patriotic Choir hehe

P.S. Good Gord! Prem Broon has put up St. George's flag! May he next time also recognise the status of the national holiday it so deserves.

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Not that Nick Wood said...

Happy St Georges day TTG