Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who Ate All The Lies?

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After cashing in on tax payers and expenses, Prezza aka Two Jags, Two Shags, John Compressalot, is now attempting to cash in on the book industry with his memoirs.

More explosive than his two year fling with his dingaling 20 years junior, junior secretary, Prescott reveals his torment that has plagued and shadowed his years too long in government - that of peculimia.

Peculimia n - the binging of cash and throwing it up again on oneself

Away from the nine odd house, two Jags and sordid shags at the expense of Mr Taxpayer, it was revealed earlier this month that Ole Jags counted £4,000 of our pennies on food alone for the year 2003/4.

Our money really did go down the drain, eh, readers?

*Read all about John Prescott and his addiction to money, TTG means food on Telegraph

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